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  1. So… Where’s the Ranger Hybrid?

    No 2.7, no deal for me :)
  2. Tuning

    Unleashed 93 octane tune, Mickey Thompson drag radials, 25 lbs air, mid 13’s. Regards Doc
  3. What colors would you like to see on the next Ranger?

    With double Pink Dampers ..:inspect:
  4. Why are you waiting for a 2023 Ranger instead of buying a current model mid-size truck?

    I’ve got two Rangers, a 19 and a 21……..waiting for the 2.7 Regards
  5. First Look: 2023 Ford Ranger Single Cab Spied in LHD Riding on Steelies

    I like that single cab design … I would like, Single cab, 2.7, 2wd with locker .. Regards Doc
  6. 2.7L engine on 6th gen 2023 Ranger?

    Are we going to get a 2.7 Ecoboost in the New Ranger ?
  7. Will We Get our First V8

    I’m in !
  8. New vs Old, Then and Now

    just like my First 54 Chevy..
  9. Darek's Black Thunder Build

    BIG TURBO ! Regards
  10. Darek's Black Thunder Build

    Yeah, the HP number isn’t high because it was 110 degrees in the Dyno room. 388 lb/ft torque, more than my 69‘ SS-396 Chevelle...Yours should be higher with your Mods... Regards
  11. Gas prices?

    $3.49 93 octane north Fla. Regards