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  1. 2022-2023 Ranger Raptor World Premiere! Wallpapers, Video & Specs

    Holly grail... This monster as it sits easily kills any model of the Bronco all the way.
  2. Video: Next Ranger Raptor Spied Testing in Thailand

    The Euro spec'd RRs are made in South Africa (mine is a 2020, having 21.000km on the odo, and seen 4 seasons incl heavy snow and ice) and they do seem to be pretty resistant to corrosion compared to the F150s and the US Rangers. The only issue I had was the rear suspension tower which is under...
  3. Video: Next Ranger Raptor Spied Testing in Thailand

    One night in Bangkok...
  4. ? Ranger Raptor Drops Camo To Show Muscular Body & Revised Front Fascia

    I agree as I have seen them all at the first glance with one addition; the wheels are 18" exactly the same as the Tremors' but I could not read the tyre size. Can they be 275/70/18 then? Because they do not seem too smaller than those of the Bronco Raptors' which are supposed to be 37" I guess.