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  1. ? Ranger Raptor Drops Camo To Show Muscular Body & Revised Front Fascia

    I am really glad the US Ranger won't have the global Rangers catfish front facia.
  2. I spotted new 2022 Ranger 6th gens in the metal in Thailand

    I hope the US verson loses the "catfish' look I really dislike it.
  3. Spied: 2023 Ford Ranger with 15.5" Touchscreen, Next Raptor Powered by 2.7L EcoBoost V6

    That's an interesting thought maybe the Everest will replace the Edge in Ford's line up. Ford has already said that the Edge was gone after the end of the present gens life cycle.
  4. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    The Gen 5 Ranger will only have the 2.3 and 10spd auto
  5. Ranger diesel US, ???

    Very possible Ford does it all the time it's not unusual to see Euro spec Mustangs running around.
  6. Just bought 2020 Ford Ranger, already has Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power Notice

    Sorry to hear you've had a problem my 2019 Ranger has over 20k and has been as smooth as hot butter.
  7. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    Can't agree more Ford's color choices are bland I want a nice green color like I've seen on a colorado not Green Gem like was on the F150 it looked black except in bright sunlight.
  8. SHADOW BLACK Ranger Club Thread

    To much winter here I can't keep her clean but I love my truck any way
  9. Odometer shots

    Just joined the 14000 mile club
  10. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    Get heated seats and heated mirrors with out the mandatory Sport Appearance Package
  11. Odometer shots

    Well my Ranger has learned to count to five
  12. Odometer shots

    What starship are those from :giggle:
  13. Odometer shots

    Backwards or forwards it still reads the same :giggle:
  14. Odometer shots

    Just joined the 12,000 mile club
  15. Odometer shots

    I joined the 10000 mile club today
  16. SEMA 2019

    We need a Yellow color option for Ranger
  17. Odometer shots

    Yep I was going 54 mph when I broke the 9000 mile barrier
  18. Odometer shots

    Today I hit
  19. SHADOW BLACK Ranger Club Thread

    Ben a while here's some new pics
  20. SHADOW BLACK Ranger Club Thread

    Very nice :rockon: