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  1. Order Banks open next month?

    The article makes it very clear it will be a 5G model:
  2. Long Wheelbase 2023 Ranger Spotted in Melbourne, Possibly US Market Prototype

    If they do this with a PHEV, then I will be trading my 2019 for sure. The short bed crew cab was one concession I made with the Ranger.
  3. Report: Hybrid Ford Ranger Arrives in 2024

    My understanding of the PHEVs is that they run on battery until it runs out of charge OR it needs additional power for doing things like climbing hills, etc. In those cases, the gas engine would come on to supplement the battery motors. I don't think you can manually switch between them, the...
  4. All-New 2023 Ford Ranger (XL, XLS, XLT, Sport, Wildtrak) Global Reveal!

    Just curious what your reasons are for eliminating the 2.3? I've found it to be a VERY capable engine, especially coupled with the 10 speed. It continues to amaze me what a small 4 cylinder is capable of.
  5. All-New 2023 Ford Ranger (XL, XLS, XLT, Sport, Wildtrak) Global Reveal!

    I have no gas in my oil - and I have checked it. :LOL:
  6. ? 2023 Ranger Spied in XLT, FX4, Wildtrak Trims!!!

    Me four!!!!! I hope Ford is listening.
  7. 2023 Ford Ranger (P703N) Production Timeline & Info Thread

    I honestly think that is a bit of a justification. The chips they are using are old designs, but they are tried and tested and is most likely one reason why they use them rather than use new, unproven designs. Chip makers will make whatever customers want to buy, especially in the volumes that...
  8. 2023 Ford Ranger (P703N) Production Timeline & Info Thread

    For the mulch and topsoil (and firewood), I think the depth of the bed helps offset the length. It is a very deep bed. I used to do Boy Scout trips as well, so I understand needing as much volume as possible. All good points - as I said - for me, it wasn't nearly as big of a deal as I thought...
  9. 2023 Ford Ranger (P703N) Production Timeline & Info Thread

    Just a different perspective on this one - I thought that having the short bed was going to be a BIG deal for me (I use my truck as a truck and haul a fair amount of stuff with it), but after almost 2 1/2 years, it really hasn't been. I bought a bed extender which I've only used twice. The...
  10. 2023 Ford Ranger (P703N) Production Timeline & Info Thread

    4 years from final design approval to production seems like a very LONG time. But maybe they are just hedging their bets due to all the issues with the current launches. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I wonder how long the 2023 order banks will stay open? I knew there was...
  11. Report: 2022/2023 Ranger PHEV hybrid is coming

    Wow - that is pretty cool. I had never even thought of using the onboard generator that way. It could be used as an emergency generator for the house as well if you have a cutoff switch installed. Hopefully the new Ranger will have this as well. This would be a killer feature.
  12. Report: 2022/2023 Ranger PHEV hybrid is coming

    I love the 10 speed - I like manuals, but my knees can't take a manual in daily driving anymore. I'm really looking forward to seeing what is officially announced for the 6g model. Given how much I love my 2019, the only thing that would really convince me to trade it in would be significantly...
  13. Report: 2022/2023 Ranger PHEV hybrid is coming

    At this point probably the only thing that would spur me to trade my 2019 is if they come out with a hybrid Ranger that significantly improves the MPG - if they came out with a hybrid that had a crew cab and a 6' bed it would be pretty much a slam dunk for me..... We have a 2016 C-Max Hybrid...
  14. New vs Old, Then and Now

    My first car (which I still own), was a 1973 Mercury Capri - this is what is looked like back in the mid 80's (after I painted it - it was a pea green when I bought it): And this is what it looks like today, after a restoration about 10 years ago: My 2019 is my fourth Ranger - I had a 2000...
  15. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    I'm guessing that is similar to what the new look is for the F-Series (or maybe it is just the Super Duties)
  16. It HAD To Happen Sooner or Later: 1st Scratch

    The first one hurts the most, but it is a truck after all, and if you use it as a truck, it is going to get scratched and dinged. I did my first boo boo after having it for 2 days. But after 11 months, it still looks really good I think. Only a few bumps and bruises.
  17. WHITE PLATINUM Ranger Club Thread

    I'm so sorry for that - but it sounds like the truck did what it was supposed to. Glad you and your wife are OK. Post photos of your new one when you get it!
  18. A few new additions

    I bought stainless bolt @2.89 each. Plus washers and lock washers. I figured they will get pretty muddy etc and I didn't want them to rust.
  19. A few new additions

    Thanks to @OregonRanger , I now have running boards on my truck! So far, I'm liking them. For a net investment of a few hours time and about $50 in bolts to attach them, I'm pretty happy. I'd call it a win/win. Super nice guy who owns a BEAUTIFUL Ranger. Thank you, @OregonRanger
  20. Gas prices?

    Wow - I paid $3.15 for regular (87) today. You guys are lucky... It has gone down a bit here, but not much.