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  1. What Does the Future Hold for the Super Cab.

    SCab only for me. I like hauling things more than people. :wink:
  2. Why are you waiting for a 2023 Ranger instead of buying a current model mid-size truck?

    I couldn't wait... I just found a good deal on a new '22, (XLT Supercab with 302A, towing, and locking diff packages). Amid a majority of local dealers still blatantly jacking up prices over MSRP, I found one still willing to accept X-plan pricing. And, it didn't have "Dynacote" or any other...
  3. Geez, when's the chip issue going to be resolved. Lingers like Covid.

    Fortunately for the US, we have our best people on the job and our government is taking a multifaceted approach to solving the automotive chip shortage issue. 1) They've boosted the rate of inflation so fewer people can afford to replace their existing vehicle with a new one. 2) They implemented...
  4. Tremor package not offered in Supercab…

    I was recently shopping for a '21 Ranger FX4 and had to avoid looking at the Tremor package, because I know I would love to have it, but I have far more need for a longer bed than four doors. Then again, I'd rather have the Bronco's 7spd manual than the 10 spd auto, so I guess I'm a unicorn shopper.
  5. 2023 Ford Ranger (P703N) Production Timeline & Info Thread

    Welcome! Either way, I don't think you can go wrong. The Maverick is a little to light for my needs, but I think it is a great option for a lot of people.
  6. U.S. 2023 Ranger Raptor Pricing Revealed! $52,489 MSRP Starting Price

    Personal request... can we get it in something other than Family Truckster form? I have more need for cargo in my truck than people.
  7. ? New Tacoma Mules Caught Testing

    I wonder if you were thinking about the Australia Ranger vs Hilux numbers. I think Ranger surpassed Hilux in that market. I would think the 2019 - 2020 numbers might be more telling than the 2020-2021 numbers. The chip shortages last year hit some manufacturers, like Ford, much harder. I...
  8. ? New Tacoma Mules Caught Testing

    Based on limited time with a 2019 TRD Sport, I was not impressed with the power delivery. In my case, it was the 6 speed manual, so it wasn't a transmission issue. I was recently driving a low mileage 2019, and I don't think it had been modified in any way, but it drove like it had significant...
  9. Spotted: 2023 Ranger Raptor vs. Bronco Raptor first side-by-side look

    About a year or two after they discontinued the Ranger, I wrote a letter to Ford asking them to bring the Global Ranger to the US, but call it an F-100 so they could still count it in their F-Series sales. My first vehicle was my grandfather's '74 F-100 Custom. I don't think the new Ranger...
  10. ? New Tacoma Mules Caught Testing

    I hope they don't use the same design lines as the Tundra. I REALLY dislike the look of the new Tundra, and Tacoma was always fall back if the 6G doesn't get a manual transmission.
  11. Bronco vs Wrangler Crash test

    That, and I don't think the tapered front quarters on the Wrangler helps either. Bronco hits pretty square to its crumple zone while the Wrangler is almost a glancing blow.
  12. Spotted: 2023 Ranger Raptor vs. Bronco Raptor first side-by-side look

    Disappointed they dropped the idea of a Bronco truck. Was really hoping for the best of both worlds, or at least a compromise between them.
  13. Why are you waiting for a 2023 Ranger instead of buying a current model mid-size truck?

    That's my biggest regret with waiting for the Bronco I wanted and not just ordering the Bronco I could get. At this point, if I get what I wanted it will be a 2023 Bronco. I should have taken what I could get and sold it for profit, and still had the ability to order what I wanted.
  14. Why are you waiting for a 2023 Ranger instead of buying a current model mid-size truck?

    I'm kind of in the same boat, except I already have a Bronco on "order". It's currently code 99'd because I wanted the white Modular top, but that looks like it's delayed until 2023. I'm a day one reservation holder and wanted a Bronco like this since the last of the 1G's rolled off the lots...
  15. 2023 Ford Ranger (P703N) Production Timeline & Info Thread

    I may be wrong, but I believe the Lightning chassis is unique to that product. The Lightning only resembles the F150, and very little is shared between them. I think the main reason it looks the same is to share existing F150 accessories, and also, as you mentioned, to avoid alienating...
  16. 6G Ranger has a revised sibling too (Everest)

    This made me think of a chart that leaked out last year on the Bronco6G forum when they were speculating about a full size Bronco. I had to do a lot of digging but here it is. Since then, I know Ford has introduced the Timberline Explorer, which likely slots in below the FX4 Expedition. But...
  17. 6G Ranger has a revised sibling too (Everest)

    I still think a Lincoln version of the Everest would be a great upgrade from Bronco to get to that luxury off-road (G-wagen, Land Rover, Lexus GX...) market. I'm sure the volumes wouldn't be there to justify it, but it would be cool.
  18. Detailed walkaround review of the new 2022/2023 Ranger

    Looks great, but the picture I really want to see is a LH drive interior with manual transmission. ?
  19. Detailed walkaround review of the new 2022/2023 Ranger

    We will have to wait and see for sure, but I'm betting the damper would either be a dealer option (like Maverick), or standard on upper trim levels. Personally, I like the sound when I drop the tailgate and wouldn't really want a damper. The bed light for the Global Rangers are on the bed...
  20. I spotted new 2022 Ranger 6th gens in the metal in Thailand

    They are definitely not as tall as the current Ranger, which was my biggest issue with them. Current vs New