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  1. Finance question

    I'm not sure how the banks are in the UK but usually once you have good credit and a good payment history you should qualify for a loan. 4-6 months of payments might be acceptable and they'll also go by your debt to income ratio which you said she's debt free so that's good too. The only thing...
  2. With the Tacoma out till 2024 - The Canyon seems to be decent competition.

    They are really nice systems, I was in a friends VW and I was amazed how great the sound system was in it. I have to say the Alpine in my Jeep was surprisingly really good,. Much better than the B&O in my Ranger which I thought was good until I got the Alpine.
  3. With the Tacoma out till 2024 - The Canyon seems to be decent competition.

    Dear Lord if they make these at MAP I'll never get my Bronco. :facepalm:
  4. Georgia new member first post

    That's it. :headbang: Thanks for wording it better Al. After a month of traveling my brain isn't working quite right just yet. Not that is was 100% before the trip. :crazy:
  5. Georgia new member first post

    Hopefully this week, it would be nice to have some time to be able to build a few different models and know what the final pricing will be. The way things have been going most likely 2 weeks after the order banks open. lol
  6. Georgia new member first post

    It is confusing John but T6 is just the platform (started in 2011) where the 5th generation started here in the states in 2019. Plus the WiKi goes back and forth between the N'American Ranger and the ROTW Ranger which is confusing. :crazy:
  7. Georgia new member first post

    Welcome John. The 2019 to present Ranger is a 5G and the 2023 will also be a 5G. The next Gen (6G) won't be out until 2024.
  8. Oh yea!! "Ford Ranger next generation spied with long cab, long bed"

    Apples and oranges. You're comparing a single cab to a super crew. The new Ranger will be a long cab/long bed NOT a single cab. The 2021 F150 with a 6.5' bed is 231.7 and the Ranger is only 210.8. At almost 2' it's not fitting in most average garages...
  9. Oh yea!! "Ford Ranger next generation spied with long cab, long bed"

    For me I like the shorter bed. Even when I had my F150's back east I always ordered them with a regular cab short bed, I think it looks better. But I get it not everyone likes a shorter bed and some need a long bed to haul stuff around or work out of. It's good to have options but when you're...
  10. Oh yea!! "Ford Ranger next generation spied with long cab, long bed"

    Meh not for me. If I wanted a long cab and long bed I'd buy an F150. One thing I love about my Ranger is it's size and to be able to fit in my garage.
  11. New member waiting for more information

    Possibly but it will have been produced for 5 years and many companies won't sit idle waiting that long when they could be making money now. Jeep has been around a long time and has their own cult following and I don't think even the Bronco will see the amount of aftermarket stuff that's out...
  12. With the Tacoma out till 2024 - The Canyon seems to be decent competition.

    When I was looking to get rid of my Tacoma I looked into buying a Colorado ZR-2. It did drive nice but I couldn't get past the dated interior and then read about the transmission issues, once I test drove the Ranger I was sold. Hopefully the new Gen twins are updated because I think having good...
  13. New member waiting for more information

    That's a nice looking Gladiator! I just sold my Jeep (2dr JLR) and while the ride wasn't to bad the Ranger with the IFS is so much more comfortable. I have back issues and I can drive my Ranger for hours and not be sore or be fidgeting around every 15 minutes trying to get comfortable. I'm on a...
  14. Order Banks open next month?

    Probably because the R6G isn't completely finished being tested yet and they'll be a few more changes for the N'American version. Less speculation and rumors flying around this way. lol
  15. US Ranger Raptor Spied Uncovered!? Side by Side Look vs. Bronco Raptor

    It looks way better than the Bronco Raptor. Thank God they didn't use those ugly kiddie pool flares and it has normal looking moulded ones.
  16. Ford Announces 6,300 New Jobs & Upgrading Plants to Deliver New Ford Ranger For North America

    This is great news for the US and the economy investing the money here instead of overseas. Now lets hope the supply chain can keep up so everyone can keep working and we can get back to normal buying vehicles within a reasonable timeframe again! I was just reading this news feed about the Ohio...
  17. Don’t think I can wait anymore

    If the Bronco launch is any indication on how the Ranger is going to be I'd get one now. Plus even with a first day reservation you still might end up with a 2024/2025. :shock: Might as well enjoy it now and probably be able to trade it in for what you paid for it. lol
  18. Don’t think I can wait anymore

    Someone on R5G just got his Splash Snow Edition last week. They're starting to produce them just not sure with all the shortages if they'll get them all out this year.The green is a little to dark for my liking (it's really dusty out here) but I'm looking forward to seeing the Sand Edition...
  19. I really hope this won't be US pricing

    Not always. There are many on B6G who have a reservation converted to an order for msrp and when it arrived the dealer slapped on a huge ADM. I'm not saying all dealers are sleazy but there sure are a number of them out there now who are doing this and I wouldn't get my hopes up at getting one...
  20. I really hope this won't be US pricing

    Right now all we can do is speculate which is fun and passes the time. lol But I'm with you in that I'm not going to pay some ridiculous price when there are so many other higher end vehicles in that range. Maybe these sleazy dealers won't get any allocations? With rising interest rates and the...