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  1. What's members thoughts on Ford's direction?

    A few topics: Ford is definitely all in on Electrification to the line up, hopefully not to the detriment of quality of ICE drive trains. Ford seems to have a valve clearance issue on the Bronco with the 2.7L motor. Can't remember how many vehicles are effected or if there is going to be a...
  2. Interesting article on the GM Hummer. Produces more emissions then a Sedan

    I guess I was uneducated about an electric vehicle. Although the Hummer does have 1000 Hp. Maybe a fairer comparison is need to a similar Hp ICE motor New Hummer EV Produces More Emissions Than A Gas Powered Sedan (msn.com)
  3. The VW Amarok

    2023 Volkswagen Amarok Revealed With Ford DNA And Nearly 300 HP (msn.com) Lot's of pictures
  4. Ford Ranger Raptor and Wildtrak sold out until 2023 despite not a single test drive taking place. AU

    Some insight to when pre ordered Rangers will be received for Australia. 17, 000 pre orders. Ford Ranger Raptor and Wildtrak sold out until 2023 despite not a single test drive taking place (msn.com)
  5. Front Differential

    Is Ford offering any variations on the front differential. Things like a locker, different gearing, larger Diff. The previous Gen came with the Dana or Spicer M190 with the more robust M210 in the rear. The M190 is designed for a maximum 32 inch tire. The only way I see you can get a locker is...
  6. Ranger Chat

    You have what general discussion. Thinking 6G Chat. I would like to have Questioned asked of the 6G. What's the configurations. How can we order it per options. Once the Ford site opens up in NA we will see how you can configure the Ranger. I am a little concerned that Ford is taking the...
  7. The Bronco is refining the QC for the Ranger, 2.7L Valve issues

    Ford Bronco Engine Problems Are a Growing Concern (motorbiscuit.com) Valvetrain failures seem limited to Bronco models equipped with the 2.7-liter V6 engine. Clues indicate that the failures are related to the engine build date of models built between May 13 to October 8, 2021. This is...
  8. What Does the Future Hold for the Super Cab.

    I am a Super Cab guy. Wondering if this configuration will even exist once partial or full electrification happens. I would say Ford sells just enough of them to make it viable with the ICE motor. I am having a feeling that Ford will never produce a PHEV model. I couldn't even find a picture of...
  9. Recent Test Drive in Phuket, Thailand. Good Informative Review

    I found this article a little more insightful about the 6G Ranger. I find a lot of supposed automotive journalist lacking in the model knowledge. Sometimes they are even cautious to criticize the vehicle or just do not offer any useful information. I felt the Moto 1 journalist gave a good...
  10. 2023 Volkswagen Amarok Truck Official Reveal Set For July 7

    2023 Volkswagen Amarok Truck Official Reveal Set For July 7 (msn.com) Laugh that they admit to having been subjected to a long teaser campaign like the long drawn out 6G Ranger. As I've said before tired of all the Hype Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles originally teased the second-generation...
  11. What's the ROW delay in ordering the 6G Ranger.

    So when will you be able to order a 6G Ranger in Australia and ROW. I think the release date is in August 2022. Is this common practice with Ford to delay the ordering of the vehicle. Anyone know what Ford is up to and are the manufacturing plants ready to produce the vehicles. Ford Ranger...
  12. Ford Ditching some options to get the vehicles OTD.

    I am tired of the Ford Hype in options they cannot get OTD. Bring back the roll up windows. HaHa. 2022 Ford Bronco Lineup To Ditch Factory Navigation System Next Month (fordauthority.com) 2022 Ford Expedition To Also Ditch Second Row Climate Controls (fordauthority.com) 2022 Ford Explorer...
  13. Another Plant Shut Down

    Haha a different kind of production delay. Leopard walks in, shuts down a Mercedes-Benz plant (msn.com)
  14. ROW 6th Gen Ranger 3L V6 Diesel #'s and Towing and Payload revealed

    3L V6 Diesel: 247 horsepower (184 kilowatts) and 600 Newton-meters (443 pound-feet) of torque. Payload and Towing capacity up from previous Gen. Depending on the version, the latest Ranger has a maximum payload capacity of 1,327 kilograms (2,925 pounds) and up to 3,500 kg (7,716 lbs) braked...
  15. Geez, when's the chip issue going to be resolved. Lingers like Covid.

    Ford to ship and sell Explorer SUVs with missing chips (msn.com) Nice to see Ford is giving a discount on the Explorer. Then sending the chip in a year to hopefully be installed for free at Dealers.
  16. Get an Early Model before items are Deleted.

    The 5G Ranger has proven that Ford's Bean Counters start to change or remove items for cost savings. 1. no rear folding headrest 2. no hood struts(as of 2022) 3. no PRNDS light 4. no glovebox damper 5. no RANGER embossed into the Lariat seats 6. no console (pen) cubby 7. no 12V outlet in the...
  17. What's Ford NA doing with the 5G Ranger

    So, the 5G Ranger was suppose to end in 2021. Does Ford continue the run in NA. Will you have a 2022, 2023 5G Ranger. I guess so, since the 6G Ranger will only run for 8 years.
  18. Bronco vs Wrangler Crash test

    This Wrangler vs. Bronco Crash Test Is Eye-Opening (msn.com) Kinda, to be expected solid front axle to independent suspension.
  19. 2024 Chevy Colorado ZR2

    Is this truck bigger then the Raptor. Looks huge in Camo. IChevy
  20. Ranger Raptor Speculation

    These Are Some Of The New Ford Ranger's Off-Road Accessories | Carscoops