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  1. US Ranger Raptor Spied Uncovered!? Side by Side Look vs. Bronco Raptor

    Looks to be on 33s but could easily fit 35s. Sign me up. At this point, I'll likely be skipping my still as of yet unscheduled Bronco entirely and jumping from my Wrangler to the RRaptor.
  2. New Ranger Competition from GMC

    About time the Canyon got a ZR2 equivalent. For about the last decade or so I've preferred the styling on the GMC twins over their Chevy counterparts. There's good stuff coming to the mid-size segment over the next couple of years and I'm glad to see it.
  3. New Pricing on Ranger Raptor 64k USD?

    That seems high when comparing where the Bronco Raptor slotted in above the highest trims of regular Bronco it shares a platform with. The low to mid 50s number thrown out before seemed about right as a starting point over and above where the Lariat Rangers where.
  4. Spied: Ranger Raptor Undisguised In Gray

    Yeah, I still have my order in for the Bronco and when it eventually gets built I'll have a decision to make. But I have some trips planned for this summer that I'll be taking in the Jeep instead. But honestly, I'm hoping the RRaptor flies under the radar a bit and it'll be less of a hassle to...
  5. Spied: Ranger Raptor Undisguised In Gray

    I bought a JL Rubicon this week since, not having a VIN yet, there's slim to no chance of getting my Bronco this summer. The more I see of the RRaptor the more I believe I'll likely skip the Bronco entirely. It just looks fantastic minus the international sport bar thing.
  6. The New 2023 Ford Ranger & Raptor / What Do We Think?

    I love the new Ranger Raptor. There doesn't quite seem to be the same buzz and enthusiasm for the 6G Ranger or just Rangers in general. At least at this point. The F150 is always going to have its crowd and the Bronco coming back just exploded in popularity. My hope is that makes it a bit easier...
  7. Ranger Raptor = Bronco Raptor = 37" tires?

    I'd highly doubt 37s will be available from the factory on the Ranger Raptor. 35s, maybe, and most likely the F150 Raptor spec 315/70 KO2s, as an option for the US variant. Ford made some pretty significant changes to the F150 Raptor to allow for 37s as well as the Bronco. But those are intended...
  8. Why are you waiting for a 2023 Ranger instead of buying a current model mid-size truck?

    I'm in allocation purgatory waiting on my BadSquatch Bronco anyways. The Ranger Raptor caught my eye in a major way. It should come in at roughly the same price as my Bronco order. The Raptor seems like the better bang for the buck, honestly. Not paying that "Bronco/Wrangler tax". At this point...
  9. 2022-2023 Ranger Raptor World Premiere! Wallpapers, Video & Specs

    I've got a BadSquatch Bronco on order but this may be more than enough to sway me over here.