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  1. Georgia new member first post

    It is my understanding that the North American 6G will be available sometime in 2023 and will be designated as a 2024 Ranger. Maybe that is what you meant?
  2. Oh yea!! "Ford Ranger next generation spied with long cab, long bed"

    I would think so. Stretching the existing frame/driveshaft by ~12 inches and using an existing SCREW cab and an existing box seems a lot less costly to me than redesigning the cab. I'm not an automotive engineer so this is only speculation on my part.
  3. New member waiting for more information

    Capitalism at its best!
  4. Oh yea!! "Ford Ranger next generation spied with long cab, long bed"

    I think the cab is going to be the same. To much cost to make two versions of the SCREW.
  5. 2023 Ford Ranger (P703N) Production Timeline & Info Thread

    I love the hype. I want more hype and I search the internet daily looking for 6G hype! Its super fun reading about what is coming. Kind of like the anticipation for Christmas when I was a kid. Maybe I'm still a kid or else have to much retiree time on my hands? :giggle:
  6. What's the ROW delay in ordering the 6G Ranger.

    I think Ford's new focus on ordering a custom vehicle as opposed to buying a vehicle from dealer inventory is going to be painful for a lot of customers that don't have the patience or desire to wait. It will be worth the wait. The Ford hype is part of the fun. Chill.

    Because its developed in Oz and our Aussie mates have done an amazing job. Very cool!
  8. Why are you waiting for a 2023 Ranger instead of buying a current model mid-size truck?

    It's frustrating but don't know what Ford could do any different. Ford is just as disgusted and frustrated with supply chain issues as Ford customers.
  9. U.S. 2023 Ranger Raptor Pricing Revealed! $52,489 MSRP Starting Price

    I have been burned also by not waiting. This is an interesting article that is a couple years old but still very relevant: https://www.consumerreports.org/car-reliability-owner-satisfaction/to-get-the-most-reliable-new-car-it-pays-to-wait-a1174785565/
  10. 6G Ranger has a revised sibling too (Everest)

    Polygamy is illegal in the USA.
  11. ? Ranger Raptor Drops Camo To Show Muscular Body & Revised Front Fascia

    Dave, maybe you need to start a new thread. Here is a good thread title for you: Might Have To Jump Ship From Jeep To Ranger Raptor
  12. ? Ranger Raptor Drops Camo To Show Muscular Body & Revised Front Fascia

    Ford Authority says it will: https://fordauthority.com/2022/01/2023-ford-ranger-raptor-spied-testing-with-bronco-raptor/
  13. Ranger 6G Hybrid Powertrain Theories

    Good question. Most of the automotive press (like Ford authority's reporting: Ranger PHEV) says that it will be the 2.3 Ecoboost paired with the hybridized 10 speed automatic. This hybrid system is currently utilized in the F-150 PowerBoost and the Explorer but with different Ecoboost engines...
  14. Any interior pics with 10" screen?

    Thanks for posting, Alex. Those are interesting comparisons.
  15. 6G Ranger has a revised sibling too (Everest)

    It would overlap to much with the Ford Explorer. Only my opinion, but I think it has zero chance of coming to the NA market.
  16. 10 Things To Know About Next (6th) Gen Ranger

    Assuming the automotive press is correct about the 2.3 turbo being the ICE in a PHEV system, then that will be the only significant difference between the Ranger's PHEV system and the PHEV system currently incorporated in the Ford Explorer Hybrid, 2020 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring and the...
  17. Why are you waiting for a 2023 Ranger instead of buying a current model mid-size truck?

    I take long trips in our Ranger and value a comfortable and quiet highway ride while towing the boat. I don't think a Bronco pickup would compare well in that regard. The Bronco is a cool vehicle but it would not match up well to our lifestyle and needs. If Ford dropped the Ranger in North...
  18. Report: Hybrid Ford Ranger Arrives in 2024

    The F-150 PowerBoost is a great truck. I'm sure hoping that Ford follows through with the Ranger PHEV as it will be an even better hybrid platform and packaged in a reasonable size.
  19. I spotted new 2022 Ranger 6th gens in the metal in Thailand

    The North America version (P703N) will most likely have a bumper detached from the rest of the front fascia similar to the way that our 5G Ranger is different than the ROTW Ranger. In order to do that I think that "goatee like" styling element will disappear or be severely diminished. I think it...
  20. Report: Hybrid Ford Ranger Arrives in 2024

    I don't think that is true. The F-150 Powerboost does have the ability to run in EV only mode but certainly not very far. This video demonstrates EV only in the F-150 Powerboost: