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  1. Geez, when's the chip issue going to be resolved. Lingers like Covid.

    Fortunately most of the world’s neon production, which apparently is used in the manufacturing of microchips, is secure in a peaceful and protected part of the world: Ukraine and Russia. On second thought, perhaps the shortage will linger longer. That said, thoughts and prayers go out to the...
  2. 2022-2023 Ranger Raptor World Premiere! Wallpapers, Video & Specs

    Ford Australia spec showing 2500kg (5500lb) tow spec… https://www.ford.com.au/showroom/future-vehicle/next-gen-ranger-raptor/specifications.html Depending on payload, that’s my bare minimum. Will wait and see what the US Tremor will have, assuming we get that still. Exciting next couple of...

    Solid rear axle with Watts link- coils in place of leafs.
  4. ? New Tacoma Mules Caught Testing

    I was encouraged by the EV concept reveal Toyota did, and the all-electric Tacoma they had. Hoping that’s what the New Taco looks like. Much better looking than the Tundra. Actually, most everything looks better than the Tundra to me. Just not my thing.
  5. Ranger 6G Hybrid Powertrain Theories

    The 3.0 hybrid is offered here in the Lincoln Aviator, so maybe?
  6. Ranger 6G Hybrid Powertrain Theories

    I’m definitely hoping for a PHEV with Pro Onboard. Would help with my commute and camping and around the property. There’s been rumblings about a hybrid Mustang running around, with a 2.3. Would much rather see a V6 like the 3.0 or the 2.7 though. The 2.3 is a decent engine, but not as...
  7. Spotted: 2023 Ranger Raptor vs. Bronco Raptor first side-by-side look

    And the slow drip continues. It was painful waiting for Bronco crumbs to drop. Would like one but it won’t work (payload, towing, etc.). Have had a couple of Rangers and really, REALLY hoping it won’t disappoint. The Raptor may be a bit too much- would like to see a Tremor. Assuming we’re...
  8. I spotted new 2022 Ranger 6th gens in the metal in Thailand

    In the case of the Gladiator, it is because of the removable soft top. Regardless DOT regs apparently are not restricting them from mounting the brake light on the tailgate, much like a Wrangler or Bronco just over the spare, or convertible cars at the base of the back window, etc. I myself...
  9. I spotted new 2022 Ranger 6th gens in the metal in Thailand

    Jeep Gladiator has an integrated brake light in the tailgate…