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  1. 2024 Ford Ranger Will Debut North American Variant Of All-New Midsize Pickup

    Because "all new" in the automotive world is like "all natural" in the food world: it means whatever the marketers want it to mean.
  2. Production 2023+ Ranger Raptor Walkthrough (with startup and infotainment)!

    Agree they should stick around on base models, but not on anything above that.
  3. Any interior pics with 10" screen?

    It seems like an odd choice to go pretty tech-forward with those large screens and then not include automatic climate control as standard. Should I chalk that up to pre-production, or it being a non-NA model, or just Ford making odd decisions with equipment like that? The F-150 Lightning not...
  4. 10 Things To Know About Next (6th) Gen Ranger

    If you're like me and you'd rather read a post than watch the video, here's what the 10 things were along with my (totally unqualified) opinion: 1) New Exterior: unless I'm mistaken, it's still on the T6 platform, but it's seen some upgrades 2) New Interior: more space inside, under-seat...