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  1. UK Standard Ranger - Build & Price is Up!

    Will try that on Monday, thanks John. I didn’t get any info on wheels or matrix headlights. I will ask the question with my dealer for you see if they have anything.
  2. UK Standard Ranger - Build & Price is Up!

    Hi John. That’s great news on the e-shifter, I’m very pleased. No, I couldn’t do a deal with any of the local dealers here. I actually had been whatsapping one of the sale guys in a local dealer and had told him that I wanted my name on one of the first wildtrak v6 rangers. I had been texting...
  3. UK Standard Ranger - Build & Price is Up!

    I also have a wildtrak 3.0V6 on order. Carbonised Grey with power roller cover and 13 pin tow bar. Had to pay through the nose for it! I see 4x4at.com in England have taken delivery of a pre-production bi-turbo but for some reason it doesn’t have the e-shifter? does anybody know if the UK cars...