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  1. Ford Flexible Rack System (FRS) for 6th Gen Ranger

    I sure hope the NA version doesn't have that roof rack over the cab as standard equipment. Just don't care for the looks of it. HRG
  2. Orders, new design, mavericks head spinning

    Here you go sir,,,, https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/whats-new/posts/ HRG
  3. Orders, new design, mavericks head spinning

    Grizz, Welcome to the head-spinning club! My story is a bit different, I intend to retire at the end of 2022, and will lose my company-provided vehicle. I'm about thiiiis close to getting a '23 (Gen5) Ranger on order, plus I intend to order a Maverick on 9/15. Either one will suit my needs...
  4. 2024 Ford Ranger Will Debut North American Variant Of All-New Midsize Pickup

    I was hoping that they would have stretched the cab a bit, so the back seat has at least the same if not more legroom than the Maverick has. HRG
  5. 2024 Ford Ranger Will Debut North American Variant Of All-New Midsize Pickup

    Yes sir, I'm fully aware of that. It just seems like they used the 5G as a base, and modified from there. More of an evolution. HRG
  6. 2024 Ford Ranger Will Debut North American Variant Of All-New Midsize Pickup

    I'm confused why they keep referring to Gen6 as "all new"? In NA, same 2.3EB/10-speed powertrain, as reported the basic cab structure is the same. This is turning out to be a disappointment,,,, HRG
  7. Interior specs?

    Bill, appreciate the intel regarding the interior. At this point, in NA, I may just order a gen5 Ranger rather than wait on a Maverick. More $$$, but I'll bet it arrives sooner. HRG
  8. Oh yea!! "Ford Ranger next generation spied with long cab, long bed"

    I agree, but I still haven't seen any rear legroom specs, to understand if it's any better than the previous generation. HRG
  9. 2023 Ford Ranger (P703N) Production Timeline & Info Thread

    So they stop making 22's on a Friday, and start making 23's on Monday. Rest assured the 23's are NOT the next-Gen in NA. HRG

    I'll bet they have a 2023 MY for a short while, based on the current product, before ordering & production begin on the next-gen, which we probably should get used to calling a 2024,,,,,, HRG
  11. What's the ROW delay in ordering the 6G Ranger.

    Scooter, 2 years ago, i was really hoping that the next-gen Ranger would be my end of 2022 retirement vehicle, when I lose my company car. I've pretty much resigned myself to buying something else. HRG
  12. ? New Tacoma Mules Caught Testing

    Maybe you're thinking this CR reliability study? https://gearjunkie.com/news/ford-ranger-stuns-toyota-tacoma-in-consumer-reports-annual-reliability-study HRG
  13. ? New Tacoma Mules Caught Testing

    Not sure where you are getting your sales data from. Trust me, I want Ford to succeed, heck, I'm even Z-plan eligible. But Tacoma sales were over 252K in 2021 in the US alone. HRG
  14. ? New Tacoma Mules Caught Testing

    Tacoma sales are more than double its' nearest competitor. That's a flop? HRG
  15. 6G Crew Cab rear seat legroom?

    Now that the Maverick is released, with more rear seat legroom than the current 5G Ranger CC, any idea if the 6G cab may be "stretched" a bit to at least match if not beat Mav? HRG