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  1. Ranger PLATINUM V6 Revealed

    I don't think they're restrict the 2.7L to upper trims. on the bronco you can order the 2.7L on lower trims also So I bet they will do the same there. I see alot of companies using the supercab for a worktruck around here with the ranger.
  2. Ranger PLATINUM V6 Revealed

    I've heard nothing. I did hear from long Long McArthur on youtube ford said in a dealer meeting the U.S would get the wildtrak trim and the 2.7L Ecoboost.
  3. Ranger PLATINUM V6 Revealed

    I agree I don't like chrome at all. I can see the uses on the rail though. personally I never have issues reaching in the bed and know its not an issue here for me, but I'm 6 ft 3 so there's that!
  4. Ranger PLATINUM V6 Revealed

    agreed, this trim is for a different buyer then us. there's nothing on this trim I really want. I want something that get dirty and not worry to much. this trim does have heated and cooled seats for those that want it. looks like they're hiding any cool features behind this trim at least. I...
  5. Ranger PLATINUM V6 Revealed

    the lettering on the front grill looks cool.
  6. 2024 US Ford Ranger Raptor Options Speculation/Wishlist Thread

    my Wishlist is crewcab with 6ft bed those matrix led lights active park assist(looks so nice and easy) bed rail and system power outlets in the bed active(fulltime) 4wd on the 2.3L ecoboost standard safety features like blind spot and lane keep/centering 40/60 folding rear seats
  7. Next-Gen Ford Ranger Raptor Wins Baja 1000 Class!

    we're all so eager in NA to get our hands on one. I've been holding hoping for the crewcab 6ft bed option. hopefully soon we get more info. lol we are all clearly running short on patience.
  8. Ford Flexible Rack System (FRS) for 6th Gen Ranger

    that looks awesome and genius. hope we can get here in the U.S with the new rangers.
  9. Tuning Kit Offered for 2.3L

    you can run 87 on the standard 2.3L Ecoboost or on premium which gives better performance.
  10. When will US Dealers start taking orders for the NEW Ranger and Raptor?

    nice! I'm doubtful we're be able to get the tremor package on the longbeds tbh, the tremor package so far is only offered on supercrew with 5ft bed for the ranger and f150. on the f150 they don't let you do it on the supercrew with 6.5ft bed. hopefully they prove me wrong
  11. When will US Dealers start taking orders for the NEW Ranger and Raptor?

    that's exactly why I didn't order one too! I've saw the spy pics with the config, too bad regarding the rumors on the phev not coming till 2025 though...I'm tired of waiting lol. I heard they're be offering the wildtrak and the 2.7L . my money is for a crewcab longbed on wildtrak or lariat.
  12. When will US Dealers start taking orders for the NEW Ranger and Raptor?

    its expected to launch in summer 2023 around July. 2023 isn't expected to be a full year I believe. hopefully its sooner then jeffs I've been holding longer then I hoped for a new truck.
  13. Dealer Markup....any Prevention?

    are you guys already taking names for next gen ranger? I'm planning on ordering one when they let us.
  14. ? 2023 Ranger Spied in XLT, FX4, Wildtrak Trims!!!

    loving the looks! just hope it comes in supercrew with longbed option in NA
  15. 2023 Ford Ranger official teaser video gives more previews - "#NextGenRanger Hiding in Plain Sight"

    tt I hope so! however I was looking at the current ford line up to get an idea. I found the ford explorer phev in Europe which is like 70k so I'm doubting my original hope of a 40ish k 4x4 ranger phev. I have a hunch that the PHEV might start at 50k sadly which I wouldn't be getting it
  16. 2023 Ford Ranger official teaser video gives more previews - "#NextGenRanger Hiding in Plain Sight"

    is it just me or was that a plug in the opening scene? maybe we will get a PHEV at launch instead of 2024 like rumored!!!