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  1. Purchasing first model year vehicles

    Actually Germany... not Britain.
  2. Ford Ranger Raptor 6th EU unlock/chiptuning

    ....then you're easily satisfied... enjoy your new toy.👍 I on the other hand like to tinker with the potential. 🤓
  3. What oil will you be running after your 1st oil change?

    Personally I change the oil/filter after 500-1000 miles on a new engine to catch any leftover debris. Then use Mobil 1 full synthetic per mfg. weight.
  4. Ford Ranger Raptor 6th EU unlock/chiptuning

    There are plenty of mods you can make that will improve perfomance without voiding the factory warranty, example intercooler, intake, exhaust, down pipe. All of which would need to be changed to go max on the engine ecu power adjustments. The onus is one the Mfg. to prove any failures is a...
  5. Purchasing first model year vehicles

    Especially Fords..?? But your Honda required multiple extensive dealer repairs....and your used Nissan after only two years and warranty work still needed repairs ! Hope you stay with your imports and away from the US mfgs, you deserve it. Of course 1st year products haven't worked out all the...
  6. Ford Ranger Raptor 6th EU unlock/chiptuning

    As an eager impatient U.S. buyer, I too am interested in your results of unlocking the mfg. parameters of powers that be. I had read elsewhere that the new 6gen would be locked in some manner.
  7. Front Differential

    Hey, don't know why Ford would put a maxed out Trans in the Raptor from the git... In its hottest current form, the 2.7 produces 335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque, while the 3.0 produces 400 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque. ACCORDING TO GEARS MAGAZINE: The 10R60 is the latest...
  8. 2024 US Ford Ranger Raptor Options Speculation/Wishlist Thread

    WISH LIST? 30Gal. extended range fuel tank option. Powered sliding rear window. Armored center console Supercab & 6' bed. Step option in the tailgate like the F150. Bed illumination and controls inside the bed.
  9. Dealer Markup....any Prevention?

    Does this mean Granger will honor the MSRP of the Ranger Raptor? Would I be able to order one through Granger as soon as they are available in the US?
  10. Dealer Markup....any Prevention?

    @ jbrubakerjr& Scooter ...Thanks for the info to my inquiry. Do you really think this dealer will commit to sell the Ranger Raptor at MSRP? I think by next year when we are finally able to order this model the inflation, interest rates, gas prices, and forced electrification will affect the mad...
  11. Dealer Markup....any Prevention?

    Another thing to consider is the rising interest rates, and we are in the throes of inflation heading towards the recession which will inevitably follow in 23/24... just in time for the 6th gen R Raptor...
  12. ARB Steel Bumper For 6th Gen Ranger

    ....like a spear...? I fail to see the tip. I think you're on your 4th beer and 2nd doob...
  13. 2024 Ford Ranger Will Debut North American Variant Of All-New Midsize Pickup

    I guess you don't need one for your leg room, and to haul your flowerpots and flats of flowers.... and your comfortable with your.."manhood", whatever he meant by that?
  14. 2024 Ford Ranger Will Debut North American Variant Of All-New Midsize Pickup

    My point was and is, one is a real body on frame truck, and one isn't. So you're just looking for "legroom in a vehicle"...I see...

    I will get this color if possible.,it will match my 2016 Stealth Grey RS Focus.....
  16. Dealer Markup....any Prevention?

    I agree. I will continue to interview dealers to find an ethical one that will not gouge the customer, and be satisfied with the MSRP for that model.
  17. Dealer Markup....any Prevention?

    I've had my share of specialty vehicles, and what I consider in ANY place is the ethics of the sale, both at the mfg and dealer level, and not what your thought determines what I should or shouldn't consider buying, and frankly your comment sounds demeaning. I bought my Focus RS at msrp from an...
  18. 2024 Ford Ranger Will Debut North American Variant Of All-New Midsize Pickup

    Well that's quite a trade off, a real body on frame truck for a unibody car truck wannabe with an open trunk sounds like apple and oranges.
  19. Dealer Markup....any Prevention?

    I appreciate your input, knowledge, and accuracy. Having said that, what keeps being overlooked is the Raptor series is ineligible. While presently not on the list, I don't expect the Ranger to be an exception, which, then puts us right back to the John Q. Public status of being subject to the...