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  1. Upcoming 2024 Tacoma design leaked / revealed! 📸

    My opinion, I don’t care and won’t buy one. It’s your money, get what makes you happy. I just won’t have a Toyodor in my driveway.
  2. North American 2024 Ford Ranger Spotted Without Camouflage

    Checked the auto show website and no Ranger is listed. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen
  3. Purchasing first model year vehicles

    Two ways of looking at this in my opinion. Glass half empty…first year concerns and some reservations Glass half full…those that got them first are getting the bugs worked out before the North American release. Everybody is entitled to their opinion
  4. 2023 Dakar Rally.

    Pretty intense for sure
  5. XXL 6G Ranger?

    That's my guess and they positively will not mess with F-150 sales
  6. XXL 6G Ranger?

    Interesting read. Thanks for sharing. It seems like it may be infringing on the F-150 and Ford won’t let that happen. It would be a great alternative though.
  7. Purchasing first model year vehicles

    Yep, the Maverick Truck Club forum is such a negative shit show I don’t even check it any more. The Hybrids were a problem and that’s all that was posted. I was criticized for some because I bought the 2.0 and got my vehicle. Oh well, it’s all good. I have concerns but more about Ford having the...
  8. Purchasing first model year vehicles

    That sucks! Hopefully you’re through the issues. The new Ranger isn’t exactly the same. The new Bronco is basically a new model where the Ranger, although changed isn’t quite to that extreme plus our Aussie friends have been working through some of the newbie pains. Obviously, there will be some...
  9. Purchasing first model year vehicles

    Great to hear. Thanks Bill
  10. Purchasing first model year vehicles

    Bought a 2022 Maverick. Have it about 13 months, 10K miles. Zero issues, it’s been great. Like previous posters mentioned the motors and a majority of the mechanicals already have a track record. Plus letting our friends in Australia work out many of the bugs is a bonus. Being a first year model...
  11. Picked up interest in 2024 Ranger. Any pointers?

    Agree with all that you posted. My concern is getting the information as to what is actually available and what is constrained. Hopefully there is some transparency from Ford although that doesn’t seem to be their style If the Raptor, Wildtrack is limited say so, if the Lariat package is limited...
  12. Picked up interest in 2024 Ranger. Any pointers?

    Welcome GT9. I bought a Maverick last year, got lucky, only 3 1/2 months from order to delivery. I ordered sight unseen but absolutely no regrets. I am considering the 6G Ranger as well. I really, really like my Maverick it's surprisingly quick...too quick at times, drives awesome, and gets...
  13. 2024 Chevy Colorado ZR2

    Sounds about right
  14. Next Gen 2024 Ranger Raptor Spotted in Eruption Green!

    I’m good with that 👍
  15. Next Gen 2024 Ranger Raptor Spotted in Eruption Green!

    Some very valid points. I realize MPG is a factor especially given the current world events. As stated in another post Ford has a 2.3 that increases HP and torque with possible improved fuel economy. I expect that motor to be standard in the new Ranger or I will be extremely disappointed. The...
  16. Next Gen 2024 Ranger Raptor Spotted in Eruption Green!

    Personally, I will be disappointed if the same 2.3 is in the new Ranger. I would hope for the 2.7 option but at the very least it should be the upgraded 2.3 pushing 300 HP. I am not an egotistical person but if you are doing something different make it better than anything else at the time. Hit...
  17. Gray

    2023 Ford Ranger Raptor Euro Spec In Meteor Grey: Photos (fordauthority.com)
  18. Next Gen Ranger Raptor Visits Ford HQ in Dearborn, Michigan

    This would be perfect!!!! Improved power and torque plus better MPG. Hell yes "These figures apply to EcoBoost variants without the active-valve exhaust, and based on the wording of Ford’s press release, examples equipped with the optional exhaust might boast more power. In any event, the...
  19. Ranger EV in 2029 according to product forecast map. Will share TE1 platform with Bronco EV

    Great post R5!!!!!! Those of us in the private sector can relate to your message. Nearly infinite funding, just raise taxes and/or increase the debt as opposed to generating revenue and appeasing stockholders. Must be nice not being accountable...I wouldn't know.