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  1. Ford Ranger specs detailed (Engines, Transmissions, Body Configurations, Features)

    Found this on an Australian website Full document here Ford Ranger specs detailed (Engines, Transmissions, Body Configurations, Features)
  2. I Think I've Found The First Easter Egg of The New Ranger!!

    As the title implies, I think I've just found a new detail of the new Ranger design, and it is neat!! I am sorry for the quality of the video, but I think it shows what it's important ;) I don't know if you can see it, but, I think that the "C" shaped DRL, dimmed and turns orange when the...
  3. Spotted video: New Ranger & Everest w/ 2022 Ranger XLT and Wildtrak in 2 colors

    In the following video, you can see the New 2022 Ford Everest (Ranger's Sibling), plus 2 undisguised Rangers in two different trims and colors. I am certain that the orange/reddish color is the top-spec, Wildtrak and the gray could be an XLT. Remember that in Southeast Asia the Ranger's specs...
  4. New 2022 Ranger-Based SUV (Everest/Endeavor) Teaser Video

    Hello everyone! I know that the following video isn't important for everyone, because the Ranger-based SUV is not sold worldwide, however, for those who are interested, here it is, the new Everest.
  5. I spotted new 2022 Ranger 6th gens in the metal in Thailand

    As all of you know, the new generation will be built in Thailand and South Africa. So in Thailand, we are very lucky to find testing vehicles on the roads. Now after the worldwide presentation, Ford has removed all the camouflage from the pick-ups, letting us see how the New Ranger looks in the...