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  1. Next Gen 2024 Ranger Raptor Spotted in Eruption Green!

    Your’rr probably right about no 2.7, but the new ranger will share a platform with and are built in the same plant as the bronco that does offer the 2.7, so they should offer it on the higher trims. I think the New Colorado/canyon look great. Hoping Ford does the tremor ranger right as an AT4...
  2. US Version 2024 Ranger XLT Spied

    https://fordauthority.com/2022/12/2024-ford-ranger-supercrew-spotted-testing-photos/ I think they are the same pics…
  3. US Version 2024 Ranger XLT Spied

    Hope your right, but I’m not seeing a separate bumper there. To me it looks like it could have the same bra that the RoW has.
  4. 2024 US Ford Ranger Raptor Options Speculation/Wishlist Thread

    Tremor package for <$50k Front end with bumper more like the raptor instead of the RoW front end. 2.7 ecoboost Really just want something to comparable with the new canyon AT4.
  5. North American 2024 Ranger spied!

    Was really hoping the NA truck didn’t have the integrated front bumper.
  6. Hybrid Ranger Joining Lineup in 2025

    would love this capability for my 90 mile daily commute to work and back, but adding enough batteries for 100miles of charge would probably take up the entire payload of the ranger. Id be happy with a hybrid that gets over 30mpg at real highway speeds.
  7. UK Standard Ranger - Build & Price is Up!

    How do UK prices usually compare to US? Google is showing a 47k pound raptor is 53k dollars.
  8. ROW 6th Gen Ranger 3L V6 Diesel #'s and Towing and Payload revealed

    That payload can’t be right for a ranger, that is F-250 level payload.