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  1. Ranger 6G Hybrid Powertrain Theories

    While the world waits for more information (and us in NA wait for our reveal), I'm curious about everyone's theories on the all but revealed 6G Hybrid powertrain. Based upon Ford's current hybrids especially with the F-150 Powerboost Hybrid and Maverick Hybrid, how do you think this will play...
  2. Theories on the North American Ranger Exterior Styling Tweaks

    I'm curious what you all think will be tweaked on the exterior of the Gen-6 Ranger for us in North America. Here's my theory.
  3. Time To Stalk The Internet For Reveal Leaks

    It's about that time fellow forum members. I know I'll be refreshing Google Images and filtering pics within the last 24 hours for Ranger reveal leaks. I did the same for the F-150 Lighting and the Maverick. Usually some time 24 hours before the reveal is when a website leaks pictures a bit...
  4. ? 2023 Ranger Spied in XLT, FX4, Wildtrak Trims!!!

    Look what we have here! Spied look at the 2023 Ranger front end! Front end bears some similar design / styling to the Maverick. Updated with photo posted by @fi9aro From left to right: XLT, FX4 Wildtrak. Another shot added by bill_AUS Compare to Maverick: