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  1. Got a 2023 Ranger ordered today on first day of order bank opening!

    Saw the local dealer post that the ordering banks opened today. I made my way down and ordered a new truck that my grandson and I are gonna have fun with and make a project and personalize it. By the time he's old enough to drive I will give him the keys to a well maintaned, good looking, low...
  2. RCMUSTANG's Magnetic FX4

    Keeps us all in the loop on that please...
  3. RCMUSTANG's Magnetic FX4

    Since you have some background … is this the unit that they offer for the 2.3 Mustang cause I emailed them and they couldn't tell me if it fit the Ranger..is it a direct swap?
  4. RCMUSTANG's Magnetic FX4

    Looks like a good mod to do.. where did you source this from? Did you also do the blow off valve?
  5. RCMUSTANG's Magnetic FX4

    Pics of Mustang plz.....here's my coupety
  6. Don's Ranger CC FX4

    Don's Ranger CC FX4