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  1. Dealer Markup....any Prevention?

    Granger has a great reputation and a lot of positive feedback on the 5g Forum. I think you can reach out to @[email protected] to get the details. Here is a link to their thread here - https://www.ranger6g.com/forum/threads/order-a-new-ranger-at-3-under-invoice.7104/#post-122191
  2. Hybrid Ranger Joining Lineup in 2025

    Just got my 2022, so I will have it maybe 3-4 years for me.
  3. Dealer Markup....any Prevention?

    Granger Motors. But still 5g for the US...
  4. UK Standard Ranger - Build & Price is Up!

    The rendering of that color is awesome!
  5. What Does the Future Hold for the Super Cab.

    If you look at what Jeep did, the PHEV Wrangler is only available in the 4-Door, not the 2-Door, with the battery under the second seat. That being said, though, the body is so short on the 2-Door I don't know that they could have found room to put a battery anywhere else, especially in a PHEV...
  6. New member waiting for more information

    I thought the 6G for the US was a MY2024