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  1. Ford Flexible Rack System (FRS) for 6th Gen Ranger

    Oh my goodness, the 'troll-sock puppet army' is bleeding over from 5g. It was bad enough the 5g facebook page degenerated into a grindr board....
  2. Ford Flexible Rack System (FRS) for 6th Gen Ranger

    Probably 'Oceania only' for obvious reasons. Are you moderating here too? I solid guess would be you're also 'Dave' on the Allpar board also....
  3. Ford Merchandise

    Only one Ranger item is offered on the U.S. website (T-shirt). Ford Merchandise Australia is loaded with Ranger items. This morning, I ordered a Ford Corporate Polo shirt as they finally replenished their stocks.
  4. A Blast from the Past (Oceania)

    Oceania's version of 'Cadillac'....
  5. Having a bad day are you?!?!

    An interesting remix to an old standard....
  6. A Blast from the Past (Oceania)

    Holdens sold in South Africa were rebadged as Chevrolets....
  7. North American 2024 Ranger spied!

    Regarding moonroof repairs in Charlotte - only two shops I'm aware of and one I highly recommend, as they installed two moonroofs and performed major repairs on another. 1. Classic Soft Trim, 1717 Toal Street (off of Graham), (704) 333-1970. Signature/ASC Moonroofs. Highly recommended. 2...
  8. North American 2024 Ranger spied!

    A solid thought. Dated November 6th. https://www.mymoneyblog.com/best-interest-rates-cash-november-2022.html
  9. A Blast from the Past (Oceania)

    An interesting bit of GM history. Many in America will remember the 1996 - 2001 Cadillac Catera (rebadged Opel Omega). Many in America and Australia hoped that GM would rebadge the newly released (1995) Holden-Vauxhall VT Commodore as the Cadillac Catera due to its slightly larger dimensions...
  10. North American 2024 Ranger spied!

    Wondering of Ford will offer a powered moonroof on the 6g in North America? Wondering what percentage of current Mavericks are getting them? Signature (ASC) Moonroof installed on my 2019 Lariat:
  11. North American 2024 Ranger spied!

    ....w/Agenda 2030 paint option....:blush: Saw a couple of US produced youtube clips about our upcoming 6g but the gawdawlful soundtracks along with the producers being torn apart in the comments sections precluded posting here. Watching with great interest.
  12. A Blast from the Past (Oceania)

    1974 Ford LTD (Oceania), A cross between the NA 1969 LTD and the 1973-1974 Mercury Montego/Ford Gran Torino.
  13. Looking to buy a Ranger, in need of tips

    My advice to the op would be to wait for the 6g debut here in NA. More ‘up to date’ design, features, and it’s been available overseas for a year. Some lead time to get the unexpected issues worked out. I honestly can’t recommend a brand new 5g Ranger at the moment due to all of the silly...
  14. A Blast from the Past (Oceania)

    Another car with a name familiar in North America...:party:
  15. Looking to buy a Ranger, in need of tips

    Welcome! We're waiting with baited breath to see what the 6g North American Ranger consist of. Regarding 5g, de-contenting began with the 2020 models. I'm on my 4th new Ranger since 1988 (XLT SWB 2WD), progressing to a 2001 LWB 2WD XLT Supercab, 2006 LWB XLT 4WD Supercab, and now my 2019...
  16. 2023/2024 Ranger Raptor Debut for the US

    I gave the OP a fair shake. After all, I get kicked off of XenForo - VerticalScope boards on a regular basis for confronting child moderators. Ranger5g and Allpar of late.