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  1. Best(?) Vehicle Bracket

    We made this best(?) vehicle bracket, but we need help with a few decisions. Feel free to fill it out or just tell us your top three.
  2. Giveaway: Claim a FREE Carmigo Air Freshener

    Hello from Carmigo. Recently we sold 4,000 cars and so to celebrate we created an air freshener. It’s cucumber-melon scented and completely free. We’ll even mail it to you. Don’t be shy, click the link below and claim yours! https://www.carmigo.io/fresh/
  3. Our Current Vehicles & Dream Cars

    A forum user recently suggested (we promise) we ask a few people on our team what their current vehicle was and what their dream vehicle would be. Here are a few notable results: What's your current vehicle? "2005 Chevrolet Colorado, gets me from A to B." "Jeep Renegade, Love it." "2012 Ford...
  4. What Made You Choose Your Truck?

    Of all the vehicles out there, what drew you to your ride? Did you instantly know what you wanted or did you shop around first? We’re curious about your journey. We assume most of you are going to talk about your Ranger, but tell us about other ones too if you want. On a personal note, here’s...
  5. FREE Air Fresheners To Celebrate 4000 Cars Sold

    Today we are celebrating 4000 cars sold on Carmigo. This paramount achievement is made even more significant considering the months of industry-wide slowdowns and price drops, but that’s not why you clicked on this thread is it? Before we talk about the 4000 free air fresheners we are giving...
  6. Carmigo Hits 4,000 Cars Sold Milestone

    We just sold our 4,000th car on the Carmigo marketplace. The thing we’re proudest of is having this achievement come after months of industry-wide slowdowns and price drops. Here’s what our CEO and co-founder, Andrew Warmath said: “Last year was an exciting ride, seeing the used car market...
  7. First Ranger 6G Sponsor!

    Hey, since we're the first sponsor on here, we don't really know what y'all want us to post about. We're on a few other forums, and each one likes different things. Some want car air freshener reviews, others want market data. Some like to rate each others cars, and some like silly community...