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  1. Spied: Ranger Raptor Undisguised In Gray

    Wow, dunno what it was with the red, but i was not crazy with how it looked. Definitely looks way better in grey, really hope these fly under the radar and i can get one at least at msrp. (A man can dream)
  2. Ranger Raptor Reveal Confirmed (For ROW) -- February 22!

    Wonder what shocks theyre throwing on this, pic of the ranger on top and the bronco on bottom. At least from this angle they look different from the bronco raptor.
  3. Ranger Raptor = Bronco Raptor = 37" tires?

    Bronco doesnt really compete with the F-150. Also, it would probably need a huge lift to fit them, the gen 1 raptors (cant speak for other gens) cant even take 37s stock without some modification. I see ford having the ranger raptor as a step down in several categories from the F150 raptor so...
  4. U.S. 2023 Ranger Raptor Pricing Revealed! $52,489 MSRP Starting Price

    I can semi see it if it comes with the new 3.1 Fox shocks and the 3.0 motor. But even if its worth it, paying that much for a midsized makes you pause a bit, at least anything over 60k. Wonder if the new raptor ranger will have a bigger fuel tank? The overseas one has an 80L which is 21 gal in...