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  1. Spotted: 2024 Ford Ranger Crew Cab Long Bed!

    I'm still in to be one of the first in line to order one if this actually is produced.
  2. Another 2024 XLT Ranger Spotted, with bash plate

    You are entitled to your opinion, even if it is wrong. I like this look at least on par with the 5g. I'd argue they understand the US buyer more now because you are supposed to be able to lay a sheet of wood down flat in the bed where the 5g couldn't. So the 5g was the maverick before the (new)...
  3. Spotted: Ranger Lariat with bumper steps & front ski plate

    Hell yeah! That would save me the time to figure out how to get the steps.
  4. US Version 2024 Ranger XLT Spied

    They need to hurry the heck up because I need to determine if I will be waiting for this or buying something soon. I'm tired of waiting honestly, its been over a year since the global version was released and there has been tons of press with the recent baja 1000
  5. Hybrid Ranger Joining Lineup in 2025

    yeah, theres no way to have enough battery for 100 miles of range, a 25 gallon gas tank and still be usable as a truck. getting 30+ mpg highway (at 70mph+) would be fantastic
  6. Hybrid Ranger Joining Lineup in 2025

    thats a long time to wait I don't know if I can hold out. Give me a 2.3T and at least 25 mile all electric range and I will be happy.
  7. Dealer Markup....any Prevention?

    If you see a markup, walk away, report them to Ford corporate and it will affect their allocations later on. Dealers want to make money, find one that actually wants your business. There is a dealership that advertises on here to order vehicles for 3% under msrp iirc. Youll just have to travel...
  8. What's members thoughts on Ford's direction?

    PHEV is way things should go IMO if electrification is inevitable give a car 40-50 miles of EV range and keep the ICE for anything beyond that I think the ICE should continue to be improved for efficiency. I think there is a lot still left on the table in that regard.
  9. New 6G Ranger competition - New Colorado

    It looks good, inside and out. I would definitely wait to see the GMC version. I do not like the quad cab and short bed only, and I do not expect that they will actually hit their claimed mpg figures. I hate GM, but I would consider buying a used one of these because I will not give GM money...
  10. Ford Vehicles To Use Google’s Android Operating System Starting In 2023

    I think its good, ford sync is crap compared to android auto. I have security and data sharing concerns, but I'm sure there will be people to hack the headunits to turn off any data sharing.
  11. Next Gen Ranger Spied with Longer Cab + Longer Bed

    That is awful that they removed the option to get a long bed. I had no idea. The fact that there is an 8' bed option makes the 6.5' a standard bed, not a long bed. Which I guess is the best way to clarify what I was saying. Regardless of if you can't get it in a certain cab configuration.
  12. Next Gen Ranger Spied with Longer Cab + Longer Bed

    This is just wrong, bed sizes are normally 5.5' for short bed, 6.5' standard and 8' for long bed.
  13. Next Gen Ranger Spied with Longer Cab + Longer Bed

    Apples and oranges are both fruits, they can be compared. And it's an apt comparison, cab size has nothing to do with overall length in this scenario. My single cab standard bed f150 at 208" is barely shorter than a quad cab short bed ranger at 210". Both will fit and have ~3' of extra space in...
  14. Next Gen Ranger Spied with Longer Cab + Longer Bed

    The current gen ranger is almost identical in size to my single cab standard bed f150. (210" vs 208") I have a good 3' before it wouldn't fit in the garage, so I doubt 1' longer bed would make it not fit in a garage
  15. Long Wheelbase 2023 Ranger Spotted in Melbourne, Possibly US Market Prototype

    I "built and priced" every other midsize truck with quad cab and 6'+ bed and all of them still fell short of the ranger even with the concession of the shorter bed. The main issues for me that the rest presented was the gas mileage and customizability(power mods being #1). I'm not going to buy...
  16. Long Wheelbase 2023 Ranger Spotted in Melbourne, Possibly US Market Prototype

    idc about the side exit exhaust. Hell when I get one I'll probably cut the factory exhaust and shoot it out the side in front of the rear wheel
  17. Long Wheelbase 2023 Ranger Spotted in Melbourne, Possibly US Market Prototype

    If this actually happens and comes to the US, I will be one of the first in line to buy one. Not having a crewcab and 6'+ bed was my only complaint about the ranger. Even without the bed it's bounds ahead of the rest of the midsize(fullsize of 10-15 years ago) trucks.