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  1. With the Tacoma out till 2024 - The Canyon seems to be decent competition.

    Looks like the AT4 in the pictures. Doesn’t look like a zr2
  2. Long Wheelbase 2023 Ranger Spotted in Melbourne, Possibly US Market Prototype

    It’s a left hand drive so that’s a good start it could be for North America. Ford needs to offer a long box for the next generation if they want to be competitive. They were in 2nd behind the taco for sales for quite some time when they first came back and now they’re 4ish I think.
  3. Ranger Raptor Reveal Confirmed (For ROW) -- February 22!

    I don’t understand why so many ppl care about raptors. They only make up a very small percent of rangers or f150s. So not many ppl buy them, so I never understand the hype.
  4. All-New 2023 Ford Ranger (XL, XLS, XLT, Sport, Wildtrak) Global Reveal!

    There was someone in here not long ago that said he works for a company that does work for Ford and as of right now he said, Ford will be offering a 4 door long bed option. But he also said that they could scrap that at any time.
  5. ? 2023 Ranger Spied in XLT, FX4, Wildtrak Trims!!!

    You and me both! I’m loving the front end and tail light! Come on 4 door long box!!
  6. Spied: 2023 Ford Ranger with 15.5" Touchscreen, Next Raptor Powered by 2.7L EcoBoost V6

    Simple, ranger raptor if you actually use it for its intended use and if not than get the Everest
  7. Spied: 2023 Ford Ranger with 15.5" Touchscreen, Next Raptor Powered by 2.7L EcoBoost V6

    This is the video I watched and made a chat for but it had got removed
  8. Crew Cab Long Bed option?

    I haven’t heard anything. I’m hoping for that as well. But I’m wondering if they will keep it like that trying to push ppl into an f150. They don’t want to hurt their precious f150 sales.
  9. First look of 6th Gen interior...

    I’m hoping the centre gear shifter area sits up a little higher like the 1/2 tons. I don’t like how that area is like flush with the seats. Be nice to be about 6 inches higher than the seats like the 1/2 tons centre console. Anyone understand what I mean? lol
  10. LHD 2023 Ranger Raptor Prototype First Sighting! Pics + Video ?

    Go buy the f150 raptor now. Cuz a ranger raptor won’t be to far off 50k
  11. Ranger diesel US, ???

    Would absolutely love a diesel option. If you want to go fast, buy a car.