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  1. Is this Moab?

    Looks like I have a new destination to put on my road trip for 2026. I have a job that's tying me up for the next two years, but then it's new truck time and a huge road trip. :rockon:
  2. Is this Moab?

    I recognize a couple spots in this video. Is this all Moab? https://gmauthority.com/blog/2023/03/adventure-experts-finding-nowhere-aboard-the-2023-gmc-canyon-video/
  3. New 6G Wildtrak X. Our next Tremor?

    I agree that this is a good representation of our Tremor, although I don't think it will come with the roof racks. Might be an option though. I don't think they get the FX4 overseas. Anyone know if the standard Wildtrak our FX4? Personally, if I end up with a Ranger, it'll probably have to...
  4. 2024 Tacoma first teaser dropped by Toyota

    I had fully written off the Tacoma as an option because I hate the interior of the Tundra, and I figure the Tacoma is going to look pretty much the same, but I've recently put the Tacoma on the option list. I still hate the "tablet" look of new interior trend, and the Tacoma (Tundra interior)...
  5. 2024 Tacoma first teaser dropped by Toyota

    If the Tacoma ends up looking like the teasers/renderings that have come out, I think it's a pretty good looking truck. I've always hated the front ends of the Tacoma, but the new renderings look pretty good. But if they use the Tundra front end. :puke:
  6. Raptor Ranger Towing Capacity?

    I agree with you that a lot of people don't take into consideration the payload capacity when towing, but 15% tongue weight isn't a law. It's just a generalization. You could easily go with 10% tongue weight. 550lb tongue weight for a 5500lb load is plenty.
  7. Another 2024 XLT Ranger Spotted, with bash plate

    The "Sport" package: https://fordauthority.com/2023/03/2024-ford-ranger-xlt-sport-appearance-package-first-look/ That truck is in dire need of a leveling kit. Would look 1000 x's better with less rake. So, based on what's been coming out, it looks as if Ford is keeping the same plastic front...
  8. Did I awaken from a Ranger Raptor fever dream?

    Good points, but I have to respectfully disagree that you feel Ford isn't paying a lot of attention to the twins. I fully agree that Toyota is the one they are after, and their ultimate goal is to topple them from top spot, but that doesn't mean they aren't giving others as much attention. If...
  9. Did I awaken from a Ranger Raptor fever dream?

    That was my thought at first too. ...and then I started thinking the same thing. Ford's not going to let someone take a completely unwrapped, unrevealed vehicle home.........and if they do, that person would signing all types of confidentiality agreements. IMO, this was for sure a marketing...
  10. New Ford Ranger Raptor 2023 review by AutoExpress UK

    The AT4x starts at $57k in white and $57.5k in any other color, so that's a better example than the ZR of where the RR might be. There are couple of options you get with the AT4x that are not available in the ZR2, such power passenger seat, heads up display. With ADM (which is the reason I am...
  11. 2024 Ranger PHEV (Hybrid) Spotted?? "Must Be Plugged In..."

    The truck in the pics look to be higher and wider than the other, and it has the seperate front bumper, so isn't that a RR? If it is, and it's also a PHEV, then you may be getting your wish. :rockon:
  12. 2024 Chevy Colorado ZR2

    I did the same thing. Almost bought a ZR2, but couldn't get past the dated interior. For the new models, currently I'm leaning towards a ZR2 as I believe the Raptor will be overpriced, but I need to wait and see. I'm still not 100% sold on the twins interior though. I do not like the yellow...
  13. 6th Gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down MAP production line 📸

    This exactly. With buttons, I know where they are, and as you say, can "feel" them. You can't do this with a touch screen. It's also aesthetics for me. I just don't like the looks of a giant screen. It severely hampers the designers ability to create a visually appealing dash. As I've said...
  14. Spotted: Ranger Lariat with bumper steps & front ski plate

    I agree with you here. It's the main item I wish they would change in the twins. I had the G80 in my Sierra and it would lock on me coming out of my home due to a steep off-camber turn, and then it wouldn't unlock until I stopped and backed up a bit.
  15. Spotted: Ranger Lariat with bumper steps & front ski plate

    I was waiting for someone else to ask, but it's not happening. How does the exhaust affect the front bumper?
  16. Spotted: Ranger Lariat with bumper steps & front ski plate

    If they keep that, I'll definitely be getting one of the twins instead. That is one fugly front end. 🤮
  17. Ford Ranger Raptor 6th EU unlock/chiptuning

    Not much of that around anymore. My niece is 19 and I never realized it, but she had never been in a vehicle without power windows. Well, they bought a base Wrangler for her and my nephew to use and her first reaction was about the window crank. "This is SOOOO COOL"! She spent about 20...
  18. 6th Gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down MAP production line 📸

    This is what I think will eventually force manufactures to move away from the Ipad screens. It will take some time, but once there are more and more of these giant screens out there and vehicle crashes are determined to be caused because the driver was looking at the screen trying to adjust...
  19. Ranger Raptor Availability Limited?

    IMO there is no real competitor to the Raptor. I don't think the ZR2 can compete because of the leaf spring rear and smaller motor. That said, I'll probably end up with a ZR2 only because I refuse to pay ADM. Hell, I refuse to pay MSRP. That's why I don't have a full-size Raptor. All these...
  20. 6th Gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down MAP production line 📸

    I completely agree. Can't stand it. I'm hopeful this is just a design phase that manufactures will soon phase out. At least Ford incorporated the Ranger's screen into the dash, which is somewhat better than a lot of vehicles out there. This, and the Ipad screen are a couple reasons why I'm...