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  1. Does the order bank open on launch? confused

    Normally the order banks for Ford will open a few months before production begins for the next MY. Ford ended up with a big problem on their hands with the Bronco and Maverick. Customer orders exceeding capacity along with supply chain issues caused many PO'd customers having to wait an...
  2. Ranger Raptor Reveal Confirmed (For ROW) -- February 22!

    True - No official debut of a next gen 2023 Ranger here in NA as of yet. It has been widely known through a variety of sources Ford does plan to start production of the g6 2023 Ranger at MAP sometime in the late spring of 2023. Same plant that produces the current Ranger and the Bronco. I...
  3. All-New 2023 Ford Ranger (XL, XLS, XLT, Sport, Wildtrak) Global Reveal!

    Ford has added second "port" injectors to many of it's EB engines to alleviate the 'coking' issue although I don't believe the 2.3L EB is one of them. That said we have the first gen 2.0 EB on the Escape w/o the second injectors. 195k miles on it with no issues. Valves never touched. The...