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  1. 6th Gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down MAP production line 📸

    Hi Dave, No...these are 4P units and 6G parts are placed on line in limited numbers...builds comprise a very small number maybe 20 or so and held by the plant to resolve assembly issues and then shipped to Dearborn where the units are evaluated and debugged. Units are saleable but rarely does...
  2. 2023 Ranger Raptor Spied Testing With Bronco Warthog!

    Hi SG, What I see is a lower trailing arm and a above the axle quarter elliptical leaf spring... We had entertained this configuration for the P273 performance package but discarded it.... Wonder if it came back to life or I am just seeing things. best, Phil Schilke Ranger Vehicle...
  3. 2023 Ranger Raptor Spied Testing With Bronco Warthog!

    Hmmm.... The twin marmon rings on the exhaust would imply a V engine vehilce. Maybe 2.7 V6????
  4. First 2023 Ranger prototype spotted!! [UPDATED with more close-up photos]

    My take is that Hancook is toast....Goodyear Wranglers seem to be the OEM tire. Fuel drain is SOP.... Best, Phil Schilke Ranger Vehicle Engineering Ford Motor Co. Reitred
  5. New vs Old, Then and Now

    Hi Folks, My first vehicle I built.... Best, Phil Schilke Ranger Vehicle Engineering Ford Motor Co. Retired
  6. New vs Old, Then and Now

    Hi Steve, I had almost the same Fiesta. Mine had a sun roof, same color. It was a fun little car to toss around.....sold it to another neighbor and then it was sold again...to an engineer that worked for me.... It had quite a few miles on it by the time it when to the scrap yard.....terrible...
  7. Lariat B&O Full System Upgrade

    Hi Fusseli Okay, based on our development of the Ranger Tremor, the sub required a specific volume of the cavity with a tinny lattitude of plus or minus. What does your sub require vs the volume you created? I hope your volume is within spec.... Otherwise, as we found out on Tremor, we...
  8. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    Hi Jim, Been out of the loop for a long time, but the Escape is a unibody vehicle currently. So is the Bronco becoming uinbody? My inside sources never shared much of the details of the Bronco so I really do not know but to build a body on frame and a Unibody in the same plant seems to be...
  9. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    My understanding is that the Aussie's are in charge of the next Ranger...likely North American Ranger is pushed out to 2024...Stateside nose job in 2021 maybe but... Fellow that provide this info is retiring at the end of 2020... Have initiated other contacts inside the company... Alleged is...
  10. How do you wash yours?

    Um...whipped cream? Best, Phil Schilke Ranger Vehicle Engineering Ford Motor Co.. Retired
  11. Wannabe Ranger Raptor

    Hi Andrew, In Racing....Ford was in it to Win....Cost was secondary... I understand your position of too rich... I am interested in your foam bumpstop.... intriguing! Best. Phil Schilke Ranger Vehicle Engineering Ford Motor Co. Retired
  12. Wannabe Ranger Raptor

    Hi Rob, On the short course Race Trucks, they use a hydraulic bump stop to soften the jounce travel.. Now mind you that we are talking some 25 to 30" of wheel travel but they do soften the jarring that the trucks would otherwise have to endure. We originally considered something like this for...
  13. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    Little back story on the RAM We at Ford were revising the F Series using the code name for the program for a new 1981 model. The code name was Ram Program. So HFII 2 and Iaccoa clashed and Lee was fired in summer of 1978. Next thing we know Lee ends up at Chrysler and Viola! The D Series...
  14. I think my Ranger looks just right.

    You Go! MOM! Best, Phil Schilke Ranger Vehicle Engineering Ford Motor Co. Retired
  15. No, Not Again!

    Okay...Bit of a back story....Leaving Ford Truck Operations for the evening....There is water on the windshield of all the cars but the temps have slightly dropped below freezing. As we are sort of in mass exiting the building, getting in our cars, starting and turning on the wipers, we all...
  16. Spring is here

    Um...yeah...tell this to my Sonoran Desert Tortoise...he is still hibernating...too cold for him to wake up... Hi today is 63° with afternoon rain. Best, Phil Schilke Ranger Vehicle Engineering Ford Motor Co. Retired
  17. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    Hi Benny, Tried to order a tailgate lock from you folks...punted with the very high shipping costs...almost doubles the cost of the part... Could never find how to take advantage of shipping rebate... Went with Varsity Ford...much better pricing and shipping cost... Best, Phil Schilke Ranger...
  18. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    Hi Dave, Just checked due to a puzzlement on this statement. Used the central locking system...fuel door remained unlocked... Owner's manual does not indicate the fuel door locks, but with the terrible errors in the manual I do not trust... A look see from below did not show any wires...
  19. HoosierT's Lightning Blue Ranger Build

    Hi Tyler, Great! Looks good...the aluminum plate will be better but you have done a great job in thinking ahead!:thumbsup: best, Phil Schilke Ranger Vehicle Engineering Ford Motor Co. Retired