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  1. Our Current Vehicles & Dream Cars

    Past: 1975 Ford Torino 1975 Datsun Pickup with a 2.8l junkyard engine. Sorely missed. Various Golfs and Jettas Subaru Loyale Mazda B2000 pickup FJ60 Land Cruiser Crap Hyundai beaters Honda Civic Toyota Sienna minivan Current: Honda CR-V Subaru Crosstrek
  2. 2024 Ranger Release Date?

    I've ordered my last two cars that way. Never even entered the dealership on the latter as it was delivered to my home.

    They did it for the Maverick.
  4. Ford Pro Power Onboard Generator possible for 6th gen Ranger?

    Any word on this being offered on Ranger 6G? Would love to see it. I suspect it will be limited to the PHEV if it is offered.
  5. How to get the same payload in a North American ranger as you get in Oz?

    There are no rules, really. Everyone with a camper top drives overloaded. You can add Timbren bumpers to flatten the truck under load and eliminate sag. https://www.etrailer.com/Vehicle-Suspension/Ford/Ranger/2023/TFRRGR.html?VehicleID=2023100964
  6. How to get the same payload in a North American ranger as you get in Oz?

    Current 5G 4x4 Crew Cab ranger payload in Canada: 730Kg or 1606 lbs. Australian payload in 6G: More, 980Kg 1. Why? 2. What would I/Ford/anyone need to do to get that payload?
  7. Diesel option?

    Diesel isn't happening, Diesel is or soon will be dead in California NY and Quebec for private vehicles. HEV performance hybrid is, like in the F-150, which uses it also as a 7.2KW generator. It will add 40-80HP and a lot of torque to the base engine, and the generator option will be great for...