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  1. Ranger Raptor Availability Limited?

    Yeah, inflation is a bitch nowadays. They were selling a dozen eggs for $12 at my local grocery store, $12, are you kidding me. That being said, I’d be willing to pay $70-$75k for the Ranger. I’ve had multiple Rangers and I like them better than most other small to midsize trucks. Plus, this...
  2. Ranger Raptor Availability Limited?

    It is currently selling for $87k in Australia which equates to nearly $60k US. Once you add on options and taxes you will be over $70k best estimate. What else are we gonna spend it on. Plus, it has equity so you can sell and recoup some costs.
  3. Ranger Raptor Availability Limited?

    Sounds like a full size makes a lot more sense in your situation. For me it would just be to much truck. Hoping to acquire with minimal ADM from the same small dealer I purchased the Bronco Raptor from. Ranger Raptors won't have the same mark up the Broncos did. If they do, people are suckers...
  4. Ranger Raptor Availability Limited?

    The Bronco Raptor sales issue was eye opening. They were selling $30k-$50k near me (West Coast) and were going like hot cakes. I was able to get one at $10k from a dealer back East, family friend. He guaranteed me the first Ranger Raptor though haven’t discussed ADM yet. One of the dealers out...
  5. Ranger Raptor Ad Featuring "Epic Bad-Ass Professional Stunt Drivers"

    The more I learn about the Ranger Raptor, the more intriguing it becomes. Got a Bronco Raptor last year that just sits in the garage. Haven't even driven it yet. More excited to get a Ranger Raptor for functionality of hauling (dirt, mulch, debris, etc).
  6. Ranger Raptor Availability Limited?

    Obviously speculation but how limited will availability be to acquire one of these. I was lucky enough to snag a Bronco Raptor and that availability is quite limited. Many people were paying $30k-$50k over MSRP. I’m presuming it won’t be quite that bad for the Ranger Raptor. This would be a nice...