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  1. Has anyone heard if 2024 Ranger will have a manual transmission option?

    Looking at other markets, I'd say slim to zero chance of manual transmission on any new Rangers.
  2. Article: Ranger 6G lineup expands; more Single, SCab configurations

    Slightly misleading title. It's only referred to 6G in US market (globally it's the second generation T6 or P703) and this lineup is solely for the South African market!
  3. Cactus Gray Ranger 6G spotted

    That's nonsense.
  4. Cactus Gray Ranger 6G spotted

    So bizarre how this article makes out like this vehicle hasn't already sold all over the world for 6 months. Sure this version is built stateside but why anyone's surprised by it's styling is beyond me.
  5. Order a New Ranger at 3% Under Invoice

    Under invoice? That doesn't sence.
  6. Question for those with a 6 gen already.

    It's a larger overall vehicle and does feel it but the seating position is very similar. I'm 6ft and only have the seat slid about half way back.
  7. Raptor Tray Attachment Points / J Brace

    A J-Brace is a bracket, purpose designed to add additional strengthening to an item. In this case it is the vehicle tub of the Ford Ranger. This brace acts as a reinforcement for the load box and is mounted close to the wheel arches of the vehicle. They don't alter the load rating of the vehicle.
  8. Raptor Ranger Towing Capacity?

    The Ranger 7700lbs sure, the Ranger Raptor has coil springs in the rear, 5500lbs.
  9. Audio Install (UK)

    That's an incredably tidy installation. How come you kept the orginal subwoofer?
  10. 6th Gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down MAP production line 📸

    USA regulators desperately need to sort out this ADM thing. I promise you it's not the norm.