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  1. Ranger EV... food for thought

    Farley says there will be an electric Ranger in 2025. Assuming the electrics are about the same weight and power as the ones in the Lightning, the Ranger EV should be one real performer at the local drag strip. I say this, because the Ranger (ICE) is about 1,000 pounds lighter than the F150. As...
  2. When will Ranger get all independent suspension?

    Ford has already announced that a future (ICE) F150 model will have independent rear suspension, like the Lightning and Maverick already have. I wonder when the Ranger will get all independent suspension? Any guesses?
  3. What year was it?

    I was waiting on a lunch friend at Dion's in south Roswell, NM this noon. I noticed a Ranger pull into the parking lot of a business next door. It was silver in color, had an FX4 decal on the rear bed side, and otherwise looked like any other current Ranger Lariat. Except that is, in the rear...