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  1. Next Gen Ranger MY22 Wildtrak - Australian build

    That only relates to the V6 Diesel, which I'm pretty certain will not go into the US 6G Ranger. Same Diesel engine that was in the F150 which was discontinued, but it has a different turbo and for some reason the turbo drain pipe which drains back into the block has cracked at the turbo...
  2. Next Gen Ranger MY22 Wildtrak - Australian build

    Sorry for the long answer. Generally when you change out the UCA its to recover your Camber/Caster/Srub Radius etc. due to increasing the ride height of the suspension (droop). I wouldn't change the UCA unless I was doing this, as it makes no real sense on a standard OEM suspension like a Ranger...
  3. Next Gen Ranger MY22 Wildtrak - Australian build

    Always travel in remote area's with at least one other vehicle, its just not wise to it any other way.
  4. Raptor Ranger Towing Capacity?

    Totally agree! But the Ranger Raptor is meant to be the baby brother of the F150 Raptor The Next Gen 6G Ranger Raptor here in Australia has a GCM of 11840 lbs and a GVM of 6900 lbs, so when you do the sums you end up with a ATM of what ever you tow being around 4940 lbs ,so its possible to get...
  5. Next Gen Ranger MY22 Wildtrak - Australian build

    doesn't matter how prepared you vehicle is, things still happen 👍
  6. Next Gen Ranger MY22 Wildtrak - Australian build

    The BP-51 are very similar to the 2" Fox shocks used on the 5G Ranger Raptor, twin tube with the fluid passing through to outer tube during operation, with the remote res being used for fluid cooling. The BP-51's are more of a touring/overlanding shock absorber, but having said that a lot of...
  7. Next Gen Ranger MY22 Wildtrak - Australian build

    Its setup to have a little more running clearance then the 6G Ranger Raptor, I have had 3 of the 5G Ranger Raptor's so know what I need to have to do a lot of the remote Australian outback tracks in area's where you need to be self reliant and also carry Sat phones. Have attached a couple of...
  8. Next Gen Ranger MY22 Wildtrak - Australian build

    I'm running them on a pretty stiff setting currently, given most of my day to day usage is on road. But would say handing wise its a step above the factory given its lifted in total around 50mm (2") with 300kg rated springs in the back with no load in pickup box. Pretty certain that once I...
  9. Next Gen Ranger MY22 Wildtrak - Australian build

    Below are the details of the current build level for my 6G MY22 Ranger Wildtrak for those interested. Vehicle is being setup as a primary touring off road tow vehicle, for our new 3500kg off-road caravan which is currently being built. More changes will be made once I have final weights of full...
  10. New Ranger Raptor 2023 - longevity on bumpy roads?

    I have had 3 of the PX (5G) Ranger Raptors and have pushed all 3 of them pretty hard in all sorts of conditions, even towing off-road. You would need to be doing extreme pot holes to even come close to bottoming out the 6G Raptor suspension, you will more than likely bottom out on the ladder...
  11. Will Ford fix the fuel tank size?

    The 5G NA ladder frame was a completely new frame as it was down graded from the 5G ROW due to the reduced payload & Towing requirement and a completely different ladder frame manufacturing design. The Bronco ladder frame was completely new and shared very little with the 5G NA ladder frame due...
  12. U.S. 2024 Ranger Raptor spotted in public w/ KO3 tires

    Sorry should of said its only on the Next Gen (6G) not available on the 2019 (5G)
  13. U.S. 2024 Ranger Raptor spotted in public w/ KO3 tires

    when you lock your vehicle, the mirrors fold in automatically if you have the feature turned on.
  14. U.S. 2024 Ranger Raptor spotted in public w/ KO3 tires

    its a feature in the settings when you lock your vehicle ON or OFF. You can also folded them in when in tight locations when off-road etc.
  15. Next-Generation Ford Ranger Line-up Expands with Launch of Single Cab and SuperCab Models

    Just be aware that what you might be seeing is development vehicles for other ROW vehicle. As all of Powertrain and PTSE design work was shifted back to the US from Australia, so you will be seeing a lot more development vehicles, which may not be US related, compared to the US 5G ranger model...
  16. 6th Gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down MAP production line 📸

    The 6G has a lot more in common with the Bronco then the 5G. Front frame clips are pretty similar and front track moved forward to match Bronco, rear clip section of Raptor is very similar to Bronco rear frame clip but different, so they use a lot of the same master control holes, just revised...
  17. North American 2024 Ford Ranger Spotted Without Camouflage

    This is the ARB summit 2 bullbar here in OZ, which requires the plastic bumper to be cut and is winch capable. Requires camera to be moved and Radar repositioned. The Raptor has the same sort of bumper attachment like Bronco and US 5G Ranger.
  18. North American 2024 Ford Ranger Spotted Without Camouflage

    I would suggest that the US version will get the seperate steel bumper like the 5G, reason is that the Bronco has a seperate steel bumper and you need to maintain the same assembly process in the plant between the two vehicles. The Plastic bumper version like what is shown in the image, has a...