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  1. Honest Review of the Carmigo Process

    one question i had and it didn't seem to be mentioned in that video: are sellers able to see previous sales on your service? that way the sellers could get a better idea what their car might be worth and aid in setting a reserve price. or even if sellers aren't able to view that data directly...
  2. 2023 New York Auto Show Reveal for 2024 Ranger?

    how is it a shitty business practice? would it be better if they announced the US model 1.5 years ago and then encountered delays that set it back months from when they announced it would be out? that seems way more offputting to consumers than just delaying announcements until they know they...
  3. 2023 New York Auto Show Reveal for 2024 Ranger?

    the bright side is everyone settling for the (likely) inferior choices means less competition when I am waiting on my order to be fulfilled.
  4. Honest Review of the Carmigo Process

    nice! i had already been interested when it's time to sell my car, but i gave the video a watch as well.
  5. Ford Launches Ranger Wildtrak X and Tremor Models for Europe with New Features & Styling

    which trims in AU have the matrix LED? i am hoping these make it to the US market.
  6. Ford Launches Ranger Wildtrak X and Tremor Models for Europe with New Features & Styling

    i agree, it doesn't help that both trims seem to be CGI so it looks a bit more uncanny than it should.
  7. 2024 Tacoma first teaser dropped by Toyota

    agreed. as much as i'd like to get an order in now, i think it will be smarter to wait and see what each model offers. something tells me the ranger will lead in a lot of aspects outside of external looks. however i don't know if i have it in me to wait till the tacoma is being built, but i'm...
  8. New Ranger Competition from GMC

    oof....the EPA numbers are finally released on the higher tier engines. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2023/03/2023-chevy-colorado-4wd-fuel-economy-ratings-with-l3b-engine-revealed/
  9. Is open rear window just as good as the tilted-open sunroof ?

    Been thinking about this for a while so I figured I'd ask the forum, too. I'm a big fan of a sunroof and almost always have it tiltled open, even in the rain/snow/freezing cold, as the discrete, quiet airflow it provides is much better than cracking a window in anything other than nice weather...
  10. Bulletin: 2024 Ranger Order Banks Open 5/26, Job 1 Production Starts 8/7

    It's comical reading the posts on this forum about how people are fed up with Ford and are just going to buy the GMC/Chevy. Then I go browse the GMC/Chevy forum and see the same sentiment, just opposite. Production on those trucks started 2 months ago and only a very few work trucks and lower...
  11. Another 2024 XLT Ranger Spotted, with bash plate

    from all the images i've seen of the RoW ranger vs the GMC twins, i think it's going to be much better. an ugly front end can usually be fixed pretty easily with aftermarket solutions (bull bars, grille inserts etc). an ugly interior is much harder to modify.
  12. Another 2024 XLT Ranger Spotted, with bash plate

    IMO the 5g looks much better than this. But i'm probably biased because I drive a FoST and they share a lot of similar curves on the front end. I do agree that the colorado/canyon new-gen looks better on the exterior, but I think the 6G Ranger interior will be much better than those two and...
  13. Did I awaken from a Ranger Raptor fever dream?

    to be fair, unless you are using incognito browsing or cleared your cache...we all still have the images saved. just gotta dig around your temporary internet files if you want them that badly.
  14. Spotted: Ranger Lariat with bumper steps & front ski plate

    man it would look so much better without that plastic 'H' between the grille and the skid plate.
  15. 2024 Ranger XLT

    how do you like the gear shift? it does look good not taking up a ton of space like a traditional PRNDL, but does it actually feel good to use?
  16. 2024 Ranger XLT

    the raptor grille will not fit the normal 6g ranger. there are some differences that make them incompatible.
  17. Ranger Raptor Availability Limited?

    I'm running the Ford Performance tune on my Focus ST. I did choose it to keep my warranty intact, but the tune itself is great and adds plenty of power without being "overkill" or requiring me to upgrade other parts of the car. No complaints and IMO it made the car what it should have been...
  18. % Under Invoice Discount

    i noticed you live in STL (i do as well). i have a very similar outlook as you, the raptor is exciting but 1) is it worth the price? 2) we both live in an area in the country with very little "raptor" uses. there's Mark Twain NF but those forest roadsare pretty tame. outside of that there...
  19. Ranger Raptor Availability Limited?

    you are able to use the B&P tool on the RoW markets and it doesn't look like there's much choice other than trim level, color, tires and spray in bedliner. it's not like the 5g b&p where you can modify a lot of variables.
  20. 6th Gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down MAP production line 📸

    what makes it harder to use in your opinion?