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  1. Spotted: Ranger Lariat with bumper steps & front ski plate

    Yeah, I was referring to a separate FRONT bumper. It looks like that may be on the Raptor only, potentially the Tremor? Sorry for the confusion
  2. 2024 US Ford Ranger Raptor Options Speculation/Wishlist Thread

    My wife drives a BS Badlands, but I bet she'd trade it for an Everest if it was available here. I gave her the choice between a BS and Bronco so we took my cousin's Bronco First Edition for half a day and she no longer wanted a Bronco at all. She loves her Bronco Sport, I think they're a...
  3. Ranger Raptor Availability Limited?

    I've got an F-350 for towing the fifth wheel - but they're horrible on narrow, slick roads. I like a small truck for my daily driver and for mountain roads... the Raptor just appears to not be the one for me. I use my Ranger for mountain roads and pulling a SxS a hundred times before I rally it...
  4. Ranger Raptor Availability Limited?

    I was promised the first Ranger Raptor order from the owner of our local dealership, but after thinking about it more I decided I'd rather have a Tremor. I'm looking for a hunting truck that can carry a fully-loaded bed of gear (or elk) and pull a side-by-side across the Western US. Based on...
  5. U.S. 2024 Ranger Raptor spotted in public w/ KO3 tires

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but it seems that post says we couldn't get a 4WD Lariat with 17" wheels? I'm sure I've got one sitting in my garage with stock 17" wheels on it that's a 4WD Lariat. I believe they're the wheels that came with the Sport Package
  6. Does the order bank open on launch? confused

    I think the fact it was pulled from the f150 is the exact reason it WON'T go in the Ranger. There just isn't the demand for it here.
  7. North American 2024 Ford Ranger Spotted Without Camouflage

    The spy photos of the Raptor have a separate bumper too. Otherwise it would be very difficult to mount a winch or aftermarket bumper on a non-Raptor.
  8. North American 2024 Ford Ranger Spotted Without Camouflage

    If that's what they look like, I'll stick with my current Ranger.
  9. 2023/2024 Ranger Raptor Debut for the US

    That would be crazy! I wasn't expecting anything until next spring. I figured the regular Ranger would be available before the Raptor, too. Maybe not 🤷
  10. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    ^^^What's this? Is it part of the tray or truck? It looks like USB but my truck doesn't have that?
  11. Where do you park at work?

    I designed the parking lot so I put in gigantic stalls. No door dings here!
  12. SABER Ranger Club Thread

    Here's the new 4-door Ranger with the original 4-door Ranger. Regardless of what Ford called it!
  13. FYI: How to Check Your Tire Pressure

    No windshield fluid in mine either. Weird