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  1. Did I awaken from a Ranger Raptor fever dream?

    They both might want to seriously consider the offer Ford gave them last week.
  2. Question about Ford production facilities.

    I believe it was the Focus and C-MAX.
  3. 6th Gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down MAP production line 📸

    You're assuming I'm smart enough to use voice commands....
  4. 6th Gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down MAP production line 📸

    The difference for me is with buttons and knobs, I can "feel" them and adjust them, without looking at them. Using the screen to adjust different controls requires me to look directly at the screen, especially with the roads we have that move my hand all over the place. With knobs/buttons, I can...
  5. 🕘 Insider: North American 2024 Ranger (P703N) Job 1 Production Start & OKTB in July 2023

    Fun fact: This was mentioned on the local radio station yesterday morning, and even referenced Ranger6G. You guys are big time. (:
  6. North American 2024 Ford Ranger Spotted Without Camouflage

    The AU photo looks like it's had the rake taken out of it, similar to "pictures" of the 5G on the Ford B&P site.