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  1. Ranger Lightning EV

    Wonder what it would cost Ford to just buy Rivian. Really surprised Tesla has not unless it would not pass regulator muster. I just want a PHEV midsize truck.
  2. New competition is revealed!

    No rear air vents on it either.
  3. 2024 Ranger online configurator when?

    finally found it....you have to sign up to download it looks like. Got it now. Thank you!
  4. 2024 Ranger online configurator when?

    Link? I am not seeing it.
  5. 2024 Ford Ranger Elephant In The Room

    Did the same for a Canyon AT4 today. Really nice truck. Little bit of a turbo lag but I think that was more due to the transmission still learning. Only 5 miles on it. 51K for it.
  6. 2024 Ford Ranger Elephant In The Room

    You are correct, the Toyota dealerships get allocations. What arrives is what they get. There is always some horse trading to be done among dealers and their regional distributor. Which the regional distributors are another cog in the process. They decide how the vehicles are going to be...
  7. USA Ranger Reveal: What questions remain?

    Guess the got to drive up that demand and get those ADMs secured for dealers!
  8. Changes to 2024 Ranger Tech Specs (U.S.) since launch -- Minimum Running Ground Clearance + Departure Angle

    You ever had to deal with marketing people and product experts at the same time? Marketing people are always screwing stuff up.
  9. 2024 Ford Ranger Elephant In The Room

    I so want a PHEV.....at this point I would buy pretty much any truck that was offered in PEHV.
  10. Ford Missed The Boat

    All I want to know is can you fit 2 Sonic RT44 drinks side by side without them rubbing?
  11. Ford Missed The Boat

    For me it would be like getting an AT4. The Raptor would be like the ZR2/AT4X. I want aggressive...just not that much aggressiveness.
  12. Ford Missed The Boat

    Do manufactures still use focus groups?
  13. Not what I was hoping for

    It has been confirmed on the taco forums that this is a photoshop. This is a Tundra interior with the air vents moved from the side to under the screen.
  14. 2024 Ranger First Look, Walkthrough, Hands-On Videos Are Here! 🍿

    Yeah seeing some misses too on this. It is a Maverick XL by the looks. Not a lot to get excited about. They have a power sliding rear window and it looks like they are using the full dash instead of just 8" on some of the twins models but no sunroof? I guess time will tell. Also I think the...
  15. Will the 2024 Ranger be crew cab only?

    I was under the impression that Toyota was on the allocation model and the dealers get what they get as dictated by the regional distributors. No custom order allowed. For my 2022 Tundra I gave my dealer my want list with 3 different color options and then had to wait for an allocation match...
  16. Official: US Spec 2024 Ranger + Ranger Raptor Debut on May 10!

    Jeep is supposed to be doing a 4xe Gladiator in 2025.....I am really hoping they are not first to market with a PHEV. Average daily commute is under 30 miles in the US. A PHEV just makes so much sense to people who can charge it overnight.
  17. 2023 New York Auto Show Reveal for 2024 Ranger?

    Have you priced any trucks lately? That is the going price these days for a 4WD midsize with heated seats and a steering wheel. Not to mention they all include a lot more tech which helps drive up the price. 2023 Z71 Colorado starts at $41k.
  18. Did I awaken from a Ranger Raptor fever dream?

    I have seen it several times that Ford can't afford to do this or that.....Wondering if they will not only be watching how the Twins do but also offering employee buyouts like GM is doing.