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  1. Ranger raptor engine GDI vs port and direct injection

    The all new 2.3 Ecoboost in the new Mustang is also dual injection. I hoping at some point in the future it makes it into the Ranger.
  2. Report: PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Ranger Launching in Australia Next Year, Followed by U.S.

    You are braver than me. I plan to hold off a couple of model years to give it time to get past any teething issues. 😬
  3. Ranger 2.7 lariat question here....

    That would be a tight squeeze. 😉 But, the F-150 Powerboost is a hybrid that combines a 3.5 Ecoboost with the 10-speed modular hybrid transmission. It has more HP and torque than the V8.
  4. Report: PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Ranger Launching in Australia Next Year, Followed by U.S.

    Thanks for the information. For me, the tax credit will be more useful.
  5. Ranger 2.7 lariat question here....

    It will have 4x4 capability just like the F-150 Powerboost.
  6. Report: PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Ranger Launching in Australia Next Year, Followed by U.S.

    I didn’t know that. Thanks for the post. Do you know if it is an option to go either way or is it only credit at purchase?
  7. 2024 Ranger Body Builders Layout Guide – Confirms Tremor and 2.7L Engine

    I think these guys are referring to 4A as meaning 4WD automatic mode (not Ford Sync).
  8. Report: PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Ranger Launching in Australia Next Year, Followed by U.S.

    Correct on both. It is a credit on your income tax. Assuming the Ranger PHEV qualified for the full $7500 tax credit, then you would need to be paying at least $7500 in federal taxes for that tax year in order to claim the full $7500 tax credit. It is not a refundable tax credit which means if...
  9. Report: PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Ranger Launching in Australia Next Year, Followed by U.S.

    Don't forget that a Ranger PHEV will likely qualify for an IRA tax credit. Only speculation, but the tax credit will likely be somewhere in the $3750 - $7500 range.
  10. Ranger Lightning EV

    I read that article when it first came out. It makes several valid points about the disadvantages of full BEV vehickles regarding the battery technology and infrastructure as it currently exists. The current disadvantages of BEV vehicles is why I think PHEVs make a lot of sense. PHEVs...
  11. Ranger Lightning EV

    Your initial post was not limited to just just EV trucks and I assume the polling data you quoted was also not limited to just EV trucks: and that is why I included data beyond just EV truck sales (i.e. the Telsa sales data). Your posts seem to suggest that since EV sales have not...
  12. Ranger Lightning EV

    Mostly true, but if you have selected battery only mode the ICE will not start unless it must because of a demanding driving situation (e.g. climbing a steep hill or passing).
  13. Ranger Lightning EV

    No, the battery is absolutely not dead in miles. After the electric only range of the battery is reached the vehicle then operates in standard hybrid mode just as any other hybrid does (e.g. the F-150 Powerboost). This means that you continue to have the extra HP/torque (360/500 for the Ranger)...
  14. Ranger Lightning EV

    Do you understand what a PHEV is? It is not an all electric vehicle. The Ford-150 Powerboost is a HEV and it's only difference as compared to a PHEV is that the battery pack is smaller and the battery pack cannot be plugged in. The F-150 Powerboost can tow 12,700 lbs. It's range is as good (or...
  15. Ranger Lightning EV

    I was primarily responding to your over the top claim that nobody would buy a Ranger Lightning. F-150 lightning demand is huge compared to Ford’s current capacity to build them. In regards to your larger claims about EV sales in general, Tesla sold 1,313,581 EVs globally in 2022 and sold...
  16. Ranger Lightning EV

    Maybe some day. But there are not currently infrastructure or technology for creating hydrogen in mass quantities. Worse yet, there is not currently distribution infrastructure for it. I also am more comfortable with the idea of a lithium ion battery in my garage as opposed to a little Hindenburg.
  17. Ranger Lightning EV

    Nobody would buy it? The demand for the F-150 Lightning is huge. Ford has more orders than they can build and that is after greatly expanding their production capacity beyond their initial projections. Only speculation on my part, but I think demand for a Ranger Lightning would follow a similar...
  18. Ranger Lightning EV

    Ranger PHEV should be available long before 2029. More like sometime in 2025 with reveal maybe next year. https://fordauthority.com/2022/09/ford-ranger-hybrid-expected-to-join-lineup-in-2025/amp/
  19. Ford Motor Company Here

    Not my experience. They are a pain in the rear.