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  1. UAW kicks off talks with 'Detroit Three'

    Well, their employees aren't costing them billions by making outrageous demands. I still don't want another Toyota and will be waiting this out.
  2. UAW kicks off talks with 'Detroit Three'

    Gotcha. They immediately turned down a 20% pay increase at GM. Ford's CEO said their demands would bankrupt the company. The strike will cost their employer billions. Toyota is smart, thats all.
  3. UAW kicks off talks with 'Detroit Three'

    They're not gonna let it get this close to a strike, and then not get any time off.
  4. Thinking of switching from Carbonized Gray Metallic to Cactus Gray. Thoughts?

    I like Cactus Gray but... 2 pictures can be very deceiving.
  5. Not the email I wanted, but I got an email

    Bummer, you'll probably get one of these soon.
  6. Not the email I wanted, but I got an email

    Just saw the other thread, can merge this if possible. No way to delete
  7. UAW kicks off talks with 'Detroit Three'

    They want a 32 hour work week at Ford in addition to a very large raise.
  8. how to stop doors being opened at speed.

    I wouldn't like that, there's so many scenarios. What if the car is on fire, then no one can get out?
  9. Azure Gray Metallic Ranger Raptor vs. F-150 Raptor comparison photos

    I see the dang engine auto start/stop button, but the thing doesn't work right? They wont have them?
  10. What's your first Mod?

    Gonna tint of course but Im keeping the Raptor graphic.
  11. What's your first Mod?

    Probably spring for a Diamondback bed cover, if they have one that fits it
  12. No Ranger Scheduling This Week (8/3/23)

    I found the opposite to be true. All the dealers in the city had a list of at least 5 customers on it for the Ranger Raptor.. and when I went out of state to a rural area where people don't have much money - nobody had called about theirs yet. But of course that was a while ago.
  13. UAW kicks off talks with 'Detroit Three'

    For me, this is just the worst timing possible as I've never wanted a vehicle more than I want this RR.
  14. Poll: Did you get a build date for the Ranger Raptor?

    Looks like 71 haven't received one and 16 have. Please change your vote if you got a build date and already voted no. If these numbers are accurate than I don't believe what I saw in another thread that most RRs are scheduled and they're about to offer more allocations.
  15. 📬 Update: 7/20/23 Scheduling Emails Now Arriving!

    OK, I just thought with the text he got right before that it was something happening today from Ford. Plus his scheduling date is a little later than everyone else's has been so far.
  16. 📬 Update: 7/20/23 Scheduling Emails Now Arriving!

    On a Monday? Very interesting. Now I have to refresh my email 100 times today.
  17. 📬 Update: 7/20/23 Scheduling Emails Now Arriving!

    Hopefully. I have never ordered a truck nor have I bought a Ford so it's all new to me. I think we're all still trying to figure out how random it is, or how much certain things matter like how early you got your order in, how big your dealer is or if there's a trend with certain options ordered.
  18. CarExpert issues with RRaptor

    Let's let them build the US version first.
  19. Backing out of my Ranger Raptor allocation if anyone wants to jump on it

    Congrats. That's nice of you, hopefully they won't try to raise the ADM even more