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  1. Raptor vs. Non-Raptor Fender Flares

    Hey all! I ordered an XLT FX4. One of my first mods will be to get a 2" lift and put beefier tires on. I would also like to add a little poke and upgrade the fender flares. I love the ones that come on the raptor. Does anyone know if the Raptor Fender flares will fit on non-Raptor body panels...
  2. Order Placed - Allocations Required?

    Placed my order for a 2024 XLT yesterday through the dealer. A fully refundable $500 deposit was required. I also got in writing that they will not apply ADM. I am paying MSRP plus taxes and a $698 delivery and handling fee. One question I had... My dealer stated that they don't currently have...
  3. 2024 Ranger Build and Price Tool is Live!

    Title says it all!