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  1. Test drove a Canyon AT4X and …

    That is my leg lamp
  2. Test drove a Canyon AT4X and …

    Just get a ZR2 and be done with. Only thing lacking on this truck is a crappy e-throttle response (like most factory vehicles). Will be resolved as products become more available. Power output is similar to my old 19' Ranger with a 93+ custom tune - but now I only have to buy 87. Thats...
  3. My latest order email from Ford.

    Yes, so far I am averaging 17-18
  4. My latest order email from Ford.

    Couldn't really comment in detail, I have not got to stretch its legs yet. I know, much like my Ranger, it needs to have the e-throttle controller remapped. Like all modern cars, gas pedal response is very sluggish. I can put it in Baja Mode, but it was not meant for pavement.
  5. My latest order email from Ford.

    In my case the original buyer backed out 2 weeks before his order was to arrive. It was the color I wanted with the options I wanted. This was a purchase of opportunity and dumb luck.
  6. My latest order email from Ford.

    Yea Ford really dropped the ball on this whole thing. Funny how my dealership was quick to answer any emails until I sent one about giving me my $500 deposit back on an order not even pulled for production. Needless to say that was over a week ago, I'll be paying them a visit tomorrow and they...
  7. If you're leaning Colorado, consider this.

    Well the deed is done. Paid the deposit to secure the order. I don't think I will be back in the Ford stable until they can become stable (har har) in production as well as start cracking down on ADM madness. There are some Chevy dealerships adding ADM, but the vast majority (90%) I spoke to...
  8. If you're leaning Colorado, consider this.

    I am about to secure a sand dune zr2 with the specs I want here shortly this morning. Once that goes through I am done with the chapter in my life. Best part? It is in transit and will be at the dealership, which is only 150 miles from me, on August 28th. Less than 2 weeks. Original buyer...
  9. Latest: 2024 Ranger Job 1 Production Date Now 9/11/23

    When they say 6-8 months they mean no union stoppages and no other production line changes...
  10. Latest: 2024 Ranger Job 1 Production Date Now 9/11/23

    Well that is one of the down grades is the interior, but not exactly world ending for me.
  11. Latest: 2024 Ranger Job 1 Production Date Now 9/11/23

    Tomorrow I decide to proceed, or cancel and purchase a sand dune metallic Colorado zr2 arriving at a dealer only 150 miles from me on August 28th. Original buyer backed out. No ADM. Raptor was going to cost me $63,000 after ADM, ZR2 will be $53,000 out the door. Its calling me and haunting...
  12. If you're leaning Colorado, consider this.

    And it is only the specific sand dune color that just does it for me. I don't really have any interest in any of the other colors.
  13. If you're leaning Colorado, consider this.

    I think the most exciting part was the thrill of the hunt. Now that I captured the game I'm kind of deflated over the whole thing. I'd still much prefer the Raptor, but if the right ZR2 came along exactly how I wanted.... That and lets face it, we are talking about a $10,000+ cheaper truck. lol
  14. If you're leaning Colorado, consider this.

    I mean honestly yea to you points above, but even more so... I think the ZR2 trim just, well - looks better. More aggressive, etc etc. But giving up that suspension and V6 TT engine is a big pill to swallow. lol And I think the Raptor interior is WAY better than the ZR2. I see watching...
  15. If you're leaning Colorado, consider this.

    Ive started reaching out to some Chevy dealerships about a sand dune metallic ZR2 to my specs. I'm sort of split on my order for the RR at this point.
  16. Pre-tapped roof holes under factory gutters.

    Not to mention an opportune time to put some cheap sound deadening mats up in there
  17. 2024 Santa Fe

    But really how much horsepower do you need for something outside of rock crawling and highly technical trails? For general overlanding the engine seems like it would be fine. Yeah the back end is a little minivan ish but I actually really dig the front end with the h lights and the grill DRL.
  18. If you're leaning Colorado, consider this.

    I don't get the argument. As the top tier trim, it should be compared to the Ranger Raptor - which if I was a betting man, is not going to be much better off. Why are comparisons being made to all ranger trims? All of the offroad trims get worse mileage when sharing the engine across the...
  19. Chevy Colorado - Not what I thought

    Chevy really dropped the ball with the Trail Boss coming with halogen only headlights. It is about to be 2024 - what kind of retard thinking is this. Even if it would have increased the price tag by $1,000 - most people will take that hands down. Or at very least offer it as an option.
  20. 2024 Santa Fe

    Not going to lie, as someone with a wild imagination on "what could be" I am really digging it... https://www.motortrend.com/news/hyundai-santa-fe-xrt-concept-real-off-road-suv/ I think the only way it will be a smash hit is if they can compete on the market with the new base model Land...