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  1. UAW Strike moved my build date

    I believe he was talking about Toyota Tacoma's
  2. UAW kicks off talks with 'Detroit Three'

    From what I have read those workers who did not walk out, that are on layoff would get less than the $500.00 strike pay. The unemployment amount differs by state I believe. There are different legal questions in each state about qualifying for unemployment. From what I have read.
  3. Latest: 2024 Ranger Job 1 Production Date Now 9/11/23

    What ever the UAW and Ford settle on will be baked into the price. Expect a price increase.
  4. Thinking of switching from Carbonized Gray Metallic to Cactus Gray. Thoughts?

    The Raptor looks like Azure Gray Metallic to me. It could just be the camera lighting or my computer.
  5. 2024 Ranger Test Drive when?

    It has been in other parts of the world and we have read some accounts of the non NA version of the truck.
  6. What’s up with the heated steering wheel?

    If you ordered an XL then Sandstone is not offered. XLT and Lariat only
  7. When will 2.7 V6 be available on Ford.com Build & Price?

    Sad as this is Cannon and Colorado only have the 2.7 4 cylinder and the new Tacoma will only be 4 cylinder. Appears at this juncture that the Ranger and the Frontier will be the only mid size v6 but I could be wrong and if so will be corrected. As you stated if I have to have a 4 cyl. it may be...
  8. When will 2.7 V6 be available on Ford.com Build & Price?

    That is what I have read. Available to order mid December Build start Job 2 late January So Winter 2023-2024 follows my understanding.
  9. UAW Demands

    They can demand, the question will be what will they get. It's a negotiation, no one gets everything they want. UAW want this Ford wants that it will end somewhere in between. None of us have skin in the game so sit back and watch. Looks like a lot of arm chair negotiators. All this is a subject...
  10. UAW Demands

    Never said about being paid 40hrs for 32hrs of work. Before retiring I worked retail and as a Salaried Manager I was expected to clock 54 hrs. in a 5 day week. So 10 hrs. in 4 days for a 40hr. week is a great deal.
  11. UAW Demands

    They should but 4 day work weeks have been talked about since 1971. Would be nice but most likely won't happen. I see nothing wrong with wanting more pay and benefits. Every working person wants that. What is always overlooked is when employees are satisfied they produce a better product...
  12. UAW Demands

    It appears Ford made a counter offer so maybe the Company is trying to get to common ground. As article mentioned Ford is the only one to make any counter offer.
  13. Build layout: Do You NEED it!?

    I will be ordering a 4x4 so it will not effect my plans but thanks for the info.
  14. Trying to find a CT dealer to sell at MSRP.

    And I have dealt with many who are clueless about their product It's bad when the buyer teaches the salesman.
  15. Build layout: Do You NEED it!?

    You covered my list pretty well. If you ordered the sport Lariat the integrated side step may be nice. If the chrome package side step is required.
  16. Trying to find a CT dealer to sell at MSRP.

    You are correct but greed is greed and it gets old after a while.
  17. Build layout: Do You NEED it!?

    It is included with the FX4 package
  18. Build layout: Do You NEED it!?

    You are correct but in this neck of the woods they are unicorns that no one wants.