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  1. To be or not to be

    Cactus Gray is a color which over time will look like the old sneakers you use to cut the grass. You will not unsee the green.
  2. Ford reveals most popular configurations ordered on 2024 Ranger in North America

    Perhaps @Ugga Mugga can tell us where he received this information. Some of the graphics look like those from Ford.
  3. Just returned from Fiji...6G Ranger already on the road (saw the new Raptor as well).

    I wish we would see the Everest here in the states. Its a great looking vehicle!
  4. 2.3L and 2.7L Engines

    I think for midsize trucks 1 or 2 MPG can be a big deal. I also see that the Chevy Colorado 2.7 liter is a powerful and gas thirsty beast. I think its possible the Ford 2.7 could be in this range.
  5. 2.3L and 2.7L Engines

    Interesting, and if I Google this information, I get sent down a rabbit hole. Hopefully this is something which gets addressed and Ford knows about. Really sounds scary!
  6. Sport vs FX4

    Do you have a locking rear differential with your Sport? I see its a $495 option, which I assume would give you 4Low.
  7. Sport vs FX4

    I hear you. The FX4 is a good deal as a package and I commonly see them on the road. Not sure the 4A is as important for me. Generally I know when I will need 4WD before embarking on a trip. All of these things of course are creature comforts. Since Ford will require me to have to have...
  8. Sport vs FX4

    Agreed. My understanding is that the FX4 gets you Better off-road shocks bash plates terrain management system beefier tires On a side note, the gray wheels look the same to me in the configurator.
  9. Sport vs FX4

    Which is perfectly fine, especially if it comes at no extra cost unlike the FX4. I just feel many people buy these packages who don't need them :) I bought a Jeep Liberty with light bar and every 4 wheel drive feature imaginable a few years back. Sadly I hardly used its capabilities...
  10. Sport vs FX4

    I want to know what are the differences between the Sport and FX4 packages. Ford has been using the Sport a lot in its marketing pictures. I learned from my last Jeep I am likely not to do much off-roading at all, just pavement, NE snow, light gravel. I know it might be a good value, but...
  11. 2.3L and 2.7L Engines

    Just remember that that the Ranger has been using the same 2.3 liter for years now and folks generally seem to be ok with it. I would also like some extra MPGs if it is possible.
  12. So How Will the New 2024 Ranger Raptor Fair Against the New Tacoma?

    I'll be honest about the Tacoma design I really don't like. 1. Big Nose on a little truck (Grill, Bumper, Skirt) 2. Circular Gas Tank door (can't explain it but looks out of place) 3. Air vents galore (reminds me of another copy the new Japanese Acura design trends). 4. Big Ass Handle (in the...
  13. So How Will the New 2024 Ranger Raptor Fair Against the New Tacoma?

    I have both on my list, either a Ranger XLT Sport or Tacoma TRD Sport. I am mostly a pavement and gravel kinda guy and will never do rock crawling. I feel a lot of people go overboard on all the 4x4 packages and never use them. I do want something with decent towing ability maybe for a...
  14. Keep bouncing back and forth about color

    I always worry about those hot "tweener" colors. Sometimes their opinions change on you with time. There is no doubting the velocity blue, it really pops!
  15. Sync 12" Screen Freezing up. - Fixing in Progress

    Does it only happen when using Apple Car play? Is it wireless or wired?
  16. 10.1-inch or 12-inch center console touchscreens thoughts.

    For me, the question becomes do I need heated seats? I remember a time when I didn't have them and they only came with leather seats. The 10 inch screen sounds like plenty and is bigger than the one I currently have. I also see a $500 discount for the XLT which completely goes away with the...
  17. Told by dealer six months to one year wait ALL Ranger models.

    I really don't expect the same demand for the Ranger as the Maverick. There is also a lot of competition in the mid-size truck market (Chevy, Toyota, GMC, etc). I would be surprised if it takes 6 months on a Ranger order.
  18. What sells you on the XLT compared to the Lariat

    I'll be curious as to how good the stereo is on the XLT. Otherwise, its the best value and you can add almost all upgrades if you want. The worst is the requirement for the key startup. I am certain Toyota will not do this on their lower trims. I would get the Lariat if it wasn't the...