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  1. Is this where the Ranger Raptor is headed? Crazy ADM on a local Bronco!

    Direct to consumer sales is the only solution. Call your state representative and ask them to eliminate the laws preventing direct sales to consumers.
  2. No Ranger Scheduling This Week (9/14/23) - Job 1 Production Now 9/18/23

    The highest I saw in 2022-2023 for the Bronco was 14,900 in one month. Even if they allocate 30% of the output to Ranger, we are only looking at 5K vehicles per month. Let’s just hope that the margins on the Ranger are equal to the Bronco, because that is what will drive production allocation.
  3. UAW Demands

    He loved going in to work and worked lots of OT. I don’t know what his base was, but any job where you can make $250k by working hard is a great job.
  4. UAW Demands

    The one person I know that works at Ford just retired. He was a pipe fitter at a plant here in the Midwest and made over $250k each of his last 3 years… The managers trying to keep the company competitive in a transitioning market will quickly realize that they are making $100k less than the...
  5. Build layout: Do You NEED it!?

    FX4 comes with locking real dif
  6. How to combat a dishonest dealer???

    Ford wants to control the end to end business just like Tesla. Jim Farely has made that absolutely clear on multiple occasions. Recall and service work can be accomplished by any shop that Ford approves. Ford is tired of making dealers rich while Ford struggles to make a profit. Those...
  7. 2024 Rangers fresh off the production line (milestone units just ahead of Job #1)

    Thanks! I’ve pulled dealership decals off using this technique, but never OEM decals… I’m not a fan of the “Sport” decal and will likely remove it if I go with Sport over FX4.
  8. How to combat a dishonest dealer???

    The answer is to buy direct from Ford, but that is illegal everywhere I’ve ever lived. Talk to your state representative, but unfortunately you will probably run into a brick wall. the powerful people in state governments are bought and paid for by the auto dealers association in every state.
  9. MPG numbers yet?

    2.7 engine on a 4x4 F-150 get 18 city / 24 highway. I’m guessing 19 /25 on the new Ranger with the 2.7. The F-150 comes in at 4,838 lbs while the ranger comes in at 4,415 lbs. It will be both lighter and carry less wind resistance.
  10. When will 2.7 V6 be available on Ford.com Build & Price?

    Hopefully we will be able to order in October or November... I’m holding off for the V6 simply because I will enjoy the extra power and I prefer to cause less stress on the engine and turbo. I tend to drive my vehicles forever, my theory is that a more powerful engine stressed less over time...
  11. Latest: 2024 Ranger Job 1 Production Date Now 9/11/23

    Anyone have any idea when we will be able to order the V6? Guessing that production launch won’t be until January or February at this point.
  12. Update: 2024 Ranger Job 1 Production Begins August 28

    I have not seen any EPA figures. I am currently waiting to order the V6 when it is available to order, but I am very curious about the mileage difference between each of the three power plants. My build Is basically going to be a loaded V6, but the Raptor is only going to cost about $5K more...