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  1. Ford cancelling lease deals for 2024 Ranger

    I hope they don’t kill the ranger. Looks like its reception is rough. I’m essentially only getting the new ranger cuz I love the interior/screen and it’s pro trailer backup stuff. the outward design is not doing it any favors in my preference
  2. 2024 Ranger Hybrid Scoop! OFFICIAL PICS

    Yawn. 2025 for Australia? Yeah by the time it’s readily available in America, the bev version will have been announced, plus a plethora of other electric trucks will be around
  3. Hybrid / Electric Ranger Teased by Ford - Sept 19 Reveal!

    It’s far fetched, I highly doubt that it will be an electric reveal, but I hope it’s a bev
  4. Ranking 2024 looks of Ranger, Colorado, Tacoma

    Canyon Frontier Colorado Tacoma Ranger I actually think the ranger is the ugliest truck. Iv very much considered pushing off buying it for 3years and hoping for a mid cycle refresh for looks
  5. Hybrid / Electric Ranger Teased by Ford - Sept 19 Reveal!

    I don’t trust phev, studies show the most reliable is gas, then hybrid, then plug in hybrid. more things to go wrong. And with fords record these days…I’d wait at least a few years for a ranger hybrid to work out the problems. my gmc canyon transmission has been a real nightmare.Gotta give...
  6. Hybrid / Electric Ranger Teased by Ford - Sept 19 Reveal!

    I would get an electric ranger in a heart beat. I would totally be down, just freaking rivians cost way too much
  7. UAW kicks off talks with 'Detroit Three'

    Wow. Y’all are either very bored or need a life. I really don’t know why ppl bother arguing with ppl on the internet. It appears nobody can have an intellectual dispassionate conversation these days
  8. Latest: 2024 Ranger Job 1 Production Date Now 9/11/23

    My bet would be this is because they need more time training and doing QA at the factory. Ford needs to get its act together, so I’m perfectly fine waiting for a better quality product. But if it’s delays forsupply shortage, yikes cuz they will lower the acceptance tolerance for parts when they...
  9. 2.3L and 2.7L Engines

    That’s exactly what I was looking for, thx
  10. 2.3L and 2.7L Engines

    Anyone have info on the reliability of the 3.0 v6? My fear is that they arnt in high volume (I know bronco raptors are few and far between) Have they worked out all the problems on them? I got a gmc 2018 3.6 v6 and while performance numbers don’t wow me, it’s pretty bullet proof with all the...
  11. Why are you upgrading your truck?

    For previous truck owners, why are you upgrading? for me, I have a 2018 gmc canyon 3.6 v6, I love the truck. But the interior is outdated, and it’s starting to have some transmission issues. im Buying the new Kia sportage this year for the wife cuz her car got totaled, so in maybe 3-4 years...