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  1. 2024 Santa Fe

    Not going to lie, as someone with a wild imagination on "what could be" I am really digging it... https://www.motortrend.com/news/hyundai-santa-fe-xrt-concept-real-off-road-suv/ I think the only way it will be a smash hit is if they can compete on the market with the new base model Land...
  2. Good day for dam lunch photo.

    Every once in a while I pick up my favorite food and go up to the recreational area by our local dam for eat lunch and enjoy the weather. It is great during the week as no one is really around. Hopefully within 6 months I can snap a photo of my Raptor up here. :confused:
  3. My Custom Monolithic 8' Bed Rack

    I decided while I am waiting an unknown time for my Raptor to be scheduled I would start designing and building my custom rack. For a little bit of background I utilized a full steel RCI setup & unistrut design on my current ranger (see bottom photos), but this time I wanted to cut out some...
  4. US Version of AUX 5 and AUX 6

    I'm guessing the answer is no, but has anyone seen any review videos going into detail about the factory aux channel system. Specifically #5 & #6 - in Australia it is mandated that forward lighting must be tied to the high beams as a trigger for activation. Ford has already integrated the...
  5. ARB said, "Oh yea? Hold my beer."

    When your tiny compact "overlanding" camper costs more than the vehicle pulling it; even your new Ranger Raptor. From one I can gather base model pricing is going to be around $74,000. Do I want one? Would I ever. It is one hell of a bespoke product, so I understand the price point, but I...
  6. Ranger Raptor 5-Star Tune(s)

    I have been running a 93 performance tune (90 HP / 100 TQ) on my 19' for a few years. No issues, satisified with it for sure. Well established company that has been doing this for quite some time. I reached out to them via e-mail advising of (knock on wood) the eminent arrival of a Raptor...
  7. DRL colors.

    Have any of our overseas members discovered yet how many LED color types are in the C-Style DRL tubes? Is white the only one? I am definitely interested if it's possible via forscan in the future to program amber lighting for the DRL color.
  8. I think I am going to build a squaredrop trailer from scratch.

    Well, minus the trailer part - going to have a local company fab up a bare bones platform that will eventually accept 33" tires. Ive been watching a ton of YT videos and I feel confident this is a project I can learn and handle. Or am I going to die? I'm not going to screw with aluminum. I...
  9. Pre-tapped roof holes under factory gutters.

    I don't recall exactly where someone mentioned it, maybe it was a reviewers YT video or something, but someone had mentioned that Ford had planned to put pre-tapped holes (for mounting bolts) in the roof (under the factory gutters) to facilitate roof rack manufacturers. Anyone else hear...
  10. My Turn: Shelter Green Ranger Raptor Ordered

    Shelter Green Bone Stock Priority Code 20 $5,000 ADM (it is what it is, no need in repeating what we all think of it)
  11. Hi I'm new.. .

    I'm a little familiar with the Ranger. Just a little. I am first in line at my local dealer for Raptor allotment. Hopefully the rumors of Friday are true.