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  1. Ranger Raptor Review (False alarm its not NA)

    Same. I may use it for power tool battery charging once in a blue moon. It could be used for speakers, lights, compressors, or other camping items that don't draw too much juice. Realistically I don't think I'd use it too much on a regular basis, as I don't in my 4runner today, but who knows.
  2. 6th Gen Ranger - US Market Easter Eggs?

    Here's some Ranger related fluff while we wait. I had seen a lot of reviewers call out the french fry symbol in the center console over the last year or so and even some of the other similar console storage markings. But, I had not heard of some of these, especially the markings within the...
  3. UAW kicks off talks with 'Detroit Three'

    This podcast, posted yesterday, gives a fair-balanced overview of the UAW and the big three auto makers potential strike situation, how we got here, and what each side is considering with historical context. A good listen for those who are interested...
  4. My latest order email from Ford.

    Nice! How does the power and suspension feel in comparison to your 5G Ranger?
  5. Trying to find a CT dealer to sell at MSRP.

    Especially when you are talking about an ADM of ~5% to ~25%, or more, of what is typically the 2nd largest purchase a person will make behind a home.
  6. post deleted by author

    Yeah, that makes sense and I have seen a glimpse of the subscription model crap. I really hope they don’t go that way, or at least require it, on the new rangers that have the feature. 😆
  7. post deleted by author

    I can understand and respect that opinion. And maybe it’s implemented poorly for certain makes or models, but I’m not sure. That said, I’ve had keyless entry/start on the last couple vehicles (VW golf R & Toyota 4Runner) and honestly it’s been fantastic. Other than the original added cost for...
  8. post deleted by author

    This is basically what many serious overlanders do to their trucks, but in this case sort of direct form the Ford dealer. I can just picture a fridge and other camping goodies back there. :) Good looking truck!
  9. post deleted by author

    That truck is doing truck stuff!
  10. No trail rash this time

    The properties of some of these films is pretty amazing. Certainly it won't protect from everything but for much of the typical pin striping it should protect the paint underneath and, with the right film, self-heal.
  11. 2024 Ranger No Scheduling This Week (8/31/23), Job 1 Remains 9/11/23

    That's awesome! Congrats. I'm curious (and unscheduled :shock:), did you get your scheduling email this week?
  12. post deleted by author

    Great write up! Can you share some pictures? Would also love to see the rear seat delete.
  13. Ranger Raptor - Exterior Colors combined with Interior Accents & My OCD

    I can definitely see that perspective. I think that combination is one of my favorite potential builds for the RR.
  14. Added the Wolf Haus power (and lighting) to the bed

    Not sure if this is helpful as I have not used them personally but for some of the bed liners, like Bedrug, that are meant to be able to go over a sprayed bed they recommend using adhesion promoter to get the tape to adhere to the rough surface.
  15. 2024 Ranger Lariat FX4 walkaround at dealer

    Here’s how it’s looking as a Lariat Sport in Cactus Grey.
  16. Ranger Raptor - Exterior Colors combined with Interior Accents & My OCD

    That’s a good point. Browns do go well with oranges typically. I would love to be able to see the color options in person. It might allay any concerns. But then, where’s the excitement in that? 😄
  17. Ranger Raptor - Exterior Colors combined with Interior Accents & My OCD

    My current order is for the Shelter Green RR. I do have some concerns about the color and how it will appear in person. But, for the most part I think it looks good whether it appears more metallic green or metallic brown. I'm just not wanting it to be too much in the flat army green spectrum...