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  1. Fresh 2024 Ranger Raptor Content from Detroit NAIAS

    Yeah, I thought SGM looked really good in the Raptor launch video. I've seen a SGM Ranger outdoors and now this Bronco inside and I actually didn't care for the color in either case. It does have a lot of different personalities though so if you like a paint that shifts dramatically based on the...
  2. Fresh 2024 Ranger Raptor Content from Detroit NAIAS

    The only Shelter Green at the show was this Braptor with the Code Orange appearance package. I was disappointed they didn't have an Iconic Silver Ranger.
  3. Fresh 2024 Ranger Raptor Content from Detroit NAIAS

    Attended the show today and captured a photo of each Raptor they had on display. At 6' and 200lb I was impressed with the space in the front row. The second row wasn't too bad either. I could certainly tolerate it for a couple hours.
  4. Fresh 2024 Ranger Raptor Content from Detroit NAIAS

    We already knew most of this, but it's good to see some more content.
  5. Hi I’m new!

    Welcome to the forum!
  6. post deleted by author

    Great writeup, hope you're enjoying the truck! Very interesting about the second row removal/luxury tax. I'd love to see some pictures of what Ford does with the flat load floor. I appreciate that they sprayed your undercarriage as well. I've been doing that with my truck for the last few years...
  7. 2024 Ranger (Limited) Scheduling This Week (8/24/23) for Production Weeks 10/16-10/23

    That's nice of them to say, but we know it isn't really true. Raptors that were ordered well after me have been scheduled and I don't have a single option selected on my build.
  8. Herrod Power Boost for Ranger Raptor (Australia) + 60kW (80hp) / 200Nm (150ft-lb)

    I typically don't care much for aftermarket power improvements but Herrod Performance has developed a Ford-backed package for Australia that improves power by 60kW (80hp) and 200Nm (150ft-lb) at the hubs. A very strong improvement over stock that apparently doesn't void the powertrain warranty...
  9. Azure Gray Metallic Ranger Raptor vs. F-150 Raptor comparison photos

    Those exterior shots are actually from Woodward Dream Cruise. I believe Ford only had the new Mustang GTD at Monterey. That's not exactly the right crowd for pickup trucks.
  10. Ranger Raptor VS Braptor…deal of the century

    Are you a Ford Performance Engineer or what? Are you guys hiring? 😆
  11. Ranger Raptor VS Braptor…deal of the century

    The real kicker is that 2 years ago the Braptor started at $68k.
  12. What mods do you have planned for your Ranger Raptor?

    Those do look good. Reasonably priced too.
  13. What mods do you have planned for your Ranger Raptor?

    Adding a few more items to my list from ROW Raptors: ROW rear seat headrests. The US headrests are so ugly and intrusive compared to rest of world. It's a small thing but enough to bother me. ROW second row HVAC plumbing and vents. ROW front flares without the side markers/reflectors. I know...
  14. Iconic Silver 2024 Ranger Raptor FIRST Look!

    That's my build - standard wheels, no graphics. It looks awesome. Thanks for posting!
  15. Fabulous Fab Airbox and TurboSmart Blow Off Valve

    Never heard of a RazorTop before now. What an interesting product!
  16. Fabulous Fab Airbox and TurboSmart Blow Off Valve

    That BOV is terribly obnoxious in my eyes (ears?), but to each their own. The truck looks sharp though!
  17. If you're leaning Colorado, consider this.

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts on it! The ZR2 has definitely been on my radar but the leaf springs are my biggest hang-up right now. Just built one to my liking for $52,430.
  18. Good day for dam lunch photo.

    Oh shoot, I was actually talking about the 3 big trunks up top. Didn't realize those side boxes were Plano too. That's a sweet setup and extremely cost effective. Very nice!
  19. Good day for dam lunch photo.

    Are those Plano sportsman trunks on the rack? I put a seal on the lid of one and use it for storing tools and recovery gear in my bed. They are the best budget-friendly option I've found to date.