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  1. Ranking 2024 looks of Ranger, Colorado, Tacoma

    I just got a good look at the new Tacoma. Not impressed at all. The SR5 is dragging it's chin on the ground. The wheel wells are now square not round and large enough to swallow anything not 35s... so street tires look silly. It's all too much, and may not age well. It's obviously...
  2. Would you order XLT 4X4 without Locking Rear Differential

    Hi all, I was reviewing my order ( placed in mid July ) for an XLT 4X4. While looking at the build configurator I noticed locking rear differential as an option for $420. Then I poked myself and said, what the heck did I do? For that added cost why not? Originally I was trying to...
  3. 10 inch vs 12 inch Infotainment Screen

    I was playing with the 2024 Ranger build and price configurator and managed to capture a screenshot of the 12 inch screen offered on the XLT HIGH Equipment Group option vs the XLT Standard Group option. This was the first time I've noticed or seen the screen size difference so I wanted to...